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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Liebster Award- aka the blogosphere's version of a chain letter. Except, you know, fun and without the threat of  imminent  death should you fail to pass it on. In all seriousness, it is a fun way to get to know a bit more about a blogger, and pass on the word about other new and up-coming bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.  If you recieve the award, you share eleven facts about yourself, answer questions put to you by your nominator and then nominate other bloggers. I've previously posted about the Liebster Award here, but since that time, a few of you lovely new readers have started following along. I've been enjoying getting to know more about some of you through this Liebster game too!  Hopefully you all want to learn a bit more about the gal behind this blog, because I've gone ahead and answered some questions. Since October Rebel, Anna of Melodic, Thrifty and Chic, and Emma of A Little Motley all did this recently, I just picked a few questions from each lovely lady. 

Funny Me 365

11 Facts About Me

1) I'm left-handed. So is the Boy, and so is my mom. It is really fun, but a bit surreal to be in the majority when we go out to eat with my parents! 

2) I'm a bookworm who tends to reread favorites  obsessively . I probably really need to get better about reading new books and authors. 

3)  The first thing The Boy complimented me on was that I had " a large vocabulary." Love at first  syllable

4) I am TEFL certified. That's "Teaching English as a Foreign Language." I taught (very  patient)  adults in the Czech Republic in Prague while going though the five week training course, and then taught Italian children at a summer camps. 

5) As a result, I can speak (a very little) Czech. Only something like 9 million people speak Czech, and supposedly this means an accent can make your speech quickly  unintelligible . I wonder if the people I said " Dobrý den!" to could undertand me, considering I almost always put the emphasis on the wrong syllable! 

6) Our new puppy is named Stella. We play that Marlon Brando clip to her (you know, Streetcar Named Desire), but she never reacts. 

7) I love to sing. In third grade my teacher told my mother she'd thought I was very quiet until someone brought a karaoke machine for show and tell, and I treated everyone to a full-on performance of "Hello Dolly" (My family and I saw Carol Channing in the revival of Hello Dolly in the ninties and I wanted to BE her for so many years growing up). 

8) I listen to nonfiction audio books while driving. I love nonfiction because there's so much to learn but can get bogged down in the writing and charts. Listening really helps keep me engaged. Plus, since I'm getting all of them from the public library for now, it challenges me to really read different topics too.

9) I'm a strongly audio learner (I suspect this has to do with performing theatre so young, and needing to learn lines). I like lectures and actually concentrate better not looking at the speaker. Audio books make a lot of sense now, right?

10) I'm also INFJ/INTJ. In my educational psychology class back in college, we had an entire unit on the Myers Briggs. I scored equally as a "Feeler" and "Thinker" with exactly 50% on the scale for that section. My teacher (a woman who had also watched me grow up. I went to the school my parents were professors at) thought, on the whole, it depended on wether I felt the topic was intellectual or not. Time has generally proven her correct. 

11) I can twitch my nose like in Bewitched. How's that for random talent? But don't tell me you don't think making silly faces isn't fun! 

Liebster Award Questions 

Why did you  start a blog?
Basically, The Boy knew how much I enjoyed reading them, and convinced me it was a good idea. Which it was, as it worked as a nice outlet for creative energy I did not always get to expend elsewhere. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?

This changed all the time, as I'm sure it did with most kids. Pilot, artist, writer, archeologist etc. etc. but the one thing I kept coming back to was working in theatre (I was in third grade when I realized one could do that as a living. See the Hello Dolly comment above.). From first grade on, I'd been involved in a children's theatre group, which operated on less-than-a-shoe-string budget, and in high school was part of no less than eighteen productions. I even went to college for that, but ultimately decided it was not compatible with some of the other goals I had for life (especially a career as a stage manager, which I was being strongly pressured to earn my degree in.) Though I enjoyed all aspects of theatre from design work to stage management to acting, I've not regretted this decision.  Then again, you never know what life will bring and maybe this interest will find an outlet in my life again some other time. 

When you're in trouble, who is the  person you always go to for help?

The Boy and quite often my mother. And, of course, I pray about it.

  Would you rather be incredibly intelligent (and unattractive) or incredibly  beautiful (and dumb)?

Intelligent, of course! How boring life might be otherwise. And, not to be snarky, but if one is incredibly intelligent and wished to improve their looks, I'm sure one could figure out how.

Who are your three biggest style influences?
Besides all the bloggers I follow, you mean (seriously, you all are probably my influencing factors here)?  From childhood, probably my father. As a photographer, he had very definite tastes in style. Though my five year old (and thirteen year old!) self did not always appreciate his opinions or advice, I think his taste has stayed with me. I'm very much drawn to classic looks, even if I don't always succeed in attaining this with every outfit.  Second, are probably old movies. Oh yes, like everyone I have my favorite stars, but their styles in general are very fabulous and fun.  Lastly and most lately (since starting this blog), I have been loving Diane Keaton, and that tomboyish look from Annie Hall. 

 What was the last book you read, and/or the last song you listened to? Be honest

I just finished rereading Emily of Deep Valley by Maud Hart Lovelace. She was one of my favorite authors as a child. Her most famous series is semi-autobiographical; they're the Betsy-Tacy series. They follow the life of Betsy Ray and her friends from age five through to adulthood. I've always felt that her high school and adult books to be infinitely reread-able, but Emily of Deep Valley is about another girl (very loosely based on a high school friend's life). She is a quiet, introverted girl, and hers is a story about taking what is given to you and making new opportunities. Arguably, it is her best work.

Favorite animated film?
Miazaki's Howl's Moving Castle- a favorite book is  visualized  by a favorite director. 

Do you wear perfume? If so, what kind?
I love the idea of perfume (and cologne.  The only real difference is the branding), but do not usually wear a scent. BUT- I feel a scent can be a good pick-me-up if you think it might be a day that you need to get off on the right foot. 

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy afternoon?

Drink tea, read a good book and/or look at blogs!

  Little white dress or little black dress?
Both! I think a black dress can be appropriate for more occasions (funeral, the opera, work, night out etc.), but in everyday life, I probably wear my white one more. 

Your favorite wardrobe piece?
Such a hard question! Haha- I am probably too attached to my clothing! Probably one of my dresses, but how do I play favorites between  my darling gingham one, my vintage yellow dress, my heart cut-out red one, my- Or- No. Wait. Scratch that. My wedding dress is probably my favorite :) 

Favorite visual artist?
My father, who is a photographer. Obviously, this is probably terribly bias, but his images invoke so much emotion. Also, while growing up, my father's studio, with all of it's props and equipment, seemed like a magical and whimsical place- like those a  curiosity  shop from a film.
I also like most  renaissance  artists.  Botticelli's  fountain in the  Piazza  Navona is among my favorites. And I became a huge fan of Mucha after living briefly in Prague. I went to St. Vitus multiple times just to stare at his amazing stained glass window! 

To continue the fun: Dus from Cudley Cacti, Emma from Squirrel and Walrus, Nikki from Ginger Diaries, Katie from Butterflies and Snapdragons, Megan of Nautical Owl,  Rachel of Floral Prints and Common Sense,  Marlen from Messages on a Napkin, Casual Glamour, Jenna of Smitten Heart, Midnight Cowgirl, Hattie of Hattitude,  and Suzanne Carillo- Answer the questions below, share 11 facts about yourself, and nominate 11 others to answer 11 questions that you give them too! 

My questions

  • Favorite form of Social Media (besides blogging)
  • Best blogging advice you have gotten (or that you wish someone had told you)
  • Best styling/fashion advice you have gotten (or that you wish someone had told you)
  • Why did you decide to start a blog
  • Favorite visual artist
  • Who are your three biggest style influences or style icons
  • What are some other hobbies you have
  • What degree did you get, or are pursuing, or hope to pursue?
  • Favorite movie as a child
  • Favorite movie now
  • What TV shows are you currently watching?


  1. Hahaha! Great way to handle multiple Liebsters. That's soooo cool that you saw Carol Channing. My 60-year-old Dad saw her in Hello Dolly on Broadway when he was a young boy! That woman has had an amazingly long career.

    I love Miyazaki films so much. My husband and I walked down the aisle to the Castle in the Sky theme. Howl's Moving Castle was the only one we got to see on the big screen, and it was great fun. No wonder it's one of your favorites!

    Great to learn more about you. :-)

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    1. She really has, especially when you consider how little she's changed over the years...

      Ironically, Howl's Moving Castle is the only one I've seen in theaters too! And what pretty music to walk down the aisle to!! Is that a favorite of Miyzaki's films, or is another one? (I feel like you mentioned Howl in your answer too, but now am not sure...)

    2. I'd say my three big favorites are:

      1. Castle in the Sky
      2. Spirited Away
      3. Totoro

      My husband really likes Princess Mononoke. Which ones do you like besides Howl?

      So cool that you love theatre - but I'm guessing not cool you were pressured into stage managing?? My college roommate went into stage managing - but it was not for me! Did it once and it made me want to pull out my hair!!

    3. I own Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away and Totoro so those are probably my fvorites after that. Though I did love Princess Monoke and Porco Rosso! I haven't seen Arrietty or the other new Studio Ghibli one yet though. Actually the only one I didn't adore was Nacisca of the Valley of the Wind (The music! Ugh.)

      Eh, I liked Stage Managing alright and was good at it, but I think it would have eventually bothered me being around creative people without getting to contribute much to the process. Also- I felt like I had to obsess about stupid details (can we add a penny to the hat to weight it!) and placate territorial people who didn't like to work together (can we add the penny to the hat to weight it and then take it out again after every practice so the costume department who should have done this three weeks ago doesn't get mad when they finally get around to it!). Still, I love teaching so it all worked out in the end. Did you do other theatre-involved stuff?

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment!
    It's always so interesting to get to know fellow bloggers better...

    Have a wonderful week,

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  3. This was so fun to read! I (might have told you this before) was really into theatre my entire life up until college, so I can completely relate. I'm glad I decided not to pursue it, but I do miss it sometimes. And I love, love, love these photos!

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    1. Actually no, I don't think I was aware of that. What were some favorite plays you were a part of? And did you act, design/tech work or both?

      Ha! Glad you like the funny faces :)

  4. So cool learning more about you, Kristian!

    I love your funny faces!


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  5. I love these! Way to be a lefty-- we rule!

    I needed an idea for a blog post and I think I'm going to borrow those questions... so thanks :) I absolutely love the film Howl's Moving Castle (my husband's favorite is Spirited Away) but I need to read the book. This was a fun way to get to know you and it sounds like you've led an interesting life.

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    1. Yay for lefties!

      The book is very different (the war does not play a big role and there's an entire subplot about Howl's background that's omitted), but both are fantastic.

  6. I want to name my daughter Stella. Andplay that clip to her over and over again.There is also an old saves the day song that samples from that movie that I adore I want to play a lot. I envy people who can listen to audio books - I'm actually more visual in learning so books help me. And that's kind of awesome you are all mostly left handed - I woud imagine that makes it easier since you are in the majority of the table instead of the one guy bumping elbows :D I did theatre (and band, and photography, and bowling and a bunch of other random stuff) in high school, but I was purely behind the stage. I went to one of those schools depicted in 1950s films where everyone gets along and the football players are also in the musicals or in band. It was actually great - we didnt have our first pregnant girl until after I graduated (so until 2007 I think!) ANYHOW. I enjoyed reading this all and wnted to reply to a lot more but this is getting crazy long :D

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    1. My high school was like that too- Most of our football team was in Choir and all the male parts from 7 brides for 7 brothers were the swim team (the director came to practice one day and recruited en masse!)

      A daughter named Stella- fun!

  7. I enjoyed reading this and learning more about you! Your veracity and openness is what drew me to you in the first place! Cheers! <3

    - Anna

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  8. really interesting to learn more about you Kristian! Being left-handed (or right) isn't genetic right? but kids can pick it up by seeing their parents? or am i just making that up. also, your parents are professors? what do they teach? that's really interesting! i'm also definitely an audio learner too and actually did not open a textbook for class at all this quarter, but because I found tutorials to listen to the material online instead, although i also find it so hard to concentrate when i find something uninteresting or not intellectual... but anyway, I also love that you listen to audio non-fiction books, I hardly read other than for class nowadays but when I do I always like non-fiction too w/ so much there is to learn. and thanks for the tag! I'll have to get on this : )
    My blog: Cuddly Cacti
    My E-Shop: Mitla Moda

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    1. and you make some good faces here!! and i forgot to tell you in the last post, i love your smile in the first one : )

    2. People aren't really sure what determines handedness though genetics might play a part in it. Still, even though both Amos and I are lefties our kid would have onlya 26% chance of being a southpaw too. Weird, right?

      My parents teach at one of the seven community colleges in Wyoming. My father is the head of the Photographic Communications department, and my mother teaches business.

      Love the idea of listening to tutorials (weirdly, if I'm making something I prefer reading the instructions and looking at photos because I always need to go over things more than once and like to get a general idea before focussing on the detail steps). I'll have to try that more.

      Can't wait to read what your answers are and find out more facts :D

  9. Wow, we are weirdly alike (I have TEFL and I'm a Stage Manager/Technical Theatre Artist...!) I love your blog :)

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