Month in Review: May 2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Whoa- I blinked and May was gone! Well, almost. I'm blogging over on Flock Together tomorrow, so this is a day early. Whirlwind or not though, there were definitely some unforgettable moments on NFD this month, so without further adieu-

Outfits to Remember

aRpil3 Collage

  Cambray Shirt | Grey Sweater and Hat
Boyfriend's Cardigan | Golden Skirt


Mail to Remember

You got a mail-related look at my upcoming wedding with these Postcard Centerpieces. The Letter Writing series continued by discussing how to write Letters of Recommendation, and if you're looking at subscription boxes as a gift for yourself or others, did you see this Bespoke Post and the Box of Awesome review?

Movies to Remember

This month we explored one of my favorite movie genres, Film Noir. Take a look at the seedier side of life with one of Hollywood's first Noirs The Maltese Falcon, see the influence of WWII in the film The Third Man,  or watch the sizzle of one of Noir's best with Double Indemnity. Never seen a noir? This video below might help you understand the love affair I have with these shadowy films. How many movies can you identify from the clips?

Hair to Remember

Plans to Remember

May's spun by so quickly my head is spinning just a bit! Things always get crazy as the school year ends, and, of course, we're trying to get everything for wedding done (stay tune in June for a few more sneak-peeks before the big day itself!), but I did finally get around to sharing the photos of my Bridal Shower. Thanks again for it, Danyon and Shannon! Besides the wedding, I'm also trying to get things moved over to The Boy's house a little at a time too. We had an extra special Mother's Day celebration by going out all together with my Mom and Dad, my grandmother, and my soon-to-be in-laws for a shared meal (Also, my Mother's Day Gift Guide)! How special to be able to celebrate three fantastic ladies at once like that. Despite all the busy-ness we still are finding a little bit of time to enjoy the warming weather (especially a certain puppy who's learning to swim)! Plus, I even got to share a bit more about myself with you all.


Finds to Remember

Since we are in the last stages of planning our own wedding, this post about "Wedding Do-Overs"  from Cup of Jo is fascinating!

I always love this series, but Design Sponge outdid itself when it showed what it would be like if we were Living In: Mary Poppins! 

Speaking of Mary Poppins, doesn't Erica of Sweets and Hearts look practically perfect in this swapped skirt?  And over on the blog Kitsune-kun is another lady who looks like she's out of a dream in a green vintage dress. No, really. Doesn't that look like that dream you had the other night?!  And, I'm horrible at layering shirts under dresses, but The Drawing Mannequin looks so good maybe a second try is in order?

Also- this post by Trashy Delrae has me ramping up my bravery to try a crop top out. Now that it's summer, will you try this daring trend?

Eli of the Thrift Eye wrote a very thought provoking post about fast fashion, the factory collapse, and how to be more mindful of the clothes you buy. Her post has some vey practical and do-able suggestions.

Anyone who follows my twitter knows how much I love quotes. Here are twenty of Coco Chanel's best bon-mots.

Lastly, I wanted to leave you with these two very personal posts from this month, both of which very much spoke to me. "A Timeline for Tragedy"  by Making Nice in the Midwest talks about people's reactions to both personal and national tragedies, and "I Feel Pretty" by A Clothes Horse discusses self-image.


  1. great post! i love your outfits :)

    ANECIA WAS HERE- more than passion ♥
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  2. That puppy picture is fantastic! Great job:)

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  3. i love your french braids here! ah, how i wish my hair was long enough for all of these braid styles.

    lindsey louise

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  4. Whew, May seems to have been a super busy month for you! Your bridal shower looks like it was awesome and hopefully your move goes smoothly in time for the wedding :)


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  5. You are the master of using a pop of mustard color to add color and fun to your outfits, I love it! Definitely going to check out that article on fast fashion too, thanks Kristian!
    Have a great weekend :)

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