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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello- or Bonjour as they would say in Paris, where we're enjoying a honeymoon. While I'm gone, some of my favorite ladies have guest posts for you that will be interspersed with more regular NFD content. Katie of Butterfly Loves Snapdragons is a vintage-loving lady with miles of style. Her hairdos are to die for, and luckily, she's going to be sharing a hair How-to with you. Thanks Katie!

Why hello there lovely readers! My name is Katie and I blog over at Butterfly Loves Snapdragons. I am so happy to be with you while Kristian is off and hopefully having a grand time. How exciting!

Today I thought I'd share a little hair tutorial with you. This is one that could be perfect for a summer wedding, or just for a fun everyday style! A vintage pompadour is really perfect for any occasion, in my opinion :)

The following items are what I used to create this style. Just some basic items that most people already have (or should have) in their hair wardrobe. If you don't have the wave clips, you can do without them for this style, but I recommend having them in your kit anyway-they are great for a lot of things!

Start with just your basic hair. I washed mine the night before, but this style can work with days-old hair also, it hides things well!

The first thing I do with any vintage style is to section my hair into the different pieces I want to work with. I always part my hair on the side and section off the front part. That is the part that you'll make the pompadour with, so get a pretty good sized chunk. If you have bangs, the hair will already be sectioned off for you!

 Clip back the side sections of your hair so they are out of the way. Take a boar bristle brush (or comb,etc) to backcomb a bit of volume into your hair. This will help your hair stay voluminous all day, and not fall flat as you wear it.

Once you have the back ratted a bit, pull back the front section of hair wherever you'd like the pouf to be-either straight back, or to the side, etc. As you pull back, twist the hair a bit. This will help the hair stay in place and also add some volume to your style. Brush the front lightly so that it is smooth.  Secure with bobby pins, crossing them over one another for hold.

Once your pompadour is secured, take the side sections of your hair and pull them towards the back, twisting slightly as you pull them. This will help the hair to stay in place when you bobby pin them. Pin the hair on the edge of the twist and use a few until it feels secure. 

If you'd like to leave your hair down, stop at this step and brush your hair out so that all the snarls are gone! You have a fun, daytime look :)

If you're wanting to put your hair up, just pull the back section of hair into a pony and wrap around into a low bun/chignon. 

Secure with clips, bobby pins, or ponytails-depending on your hairtype. Make sure to secure the entire style with hairspray if needed!

You'll look cute as a button for sure! Do any of you have summer weddings or events to attend? Come visit me and let me know if you try this style! I'd love to see :)

 God Bless!


  1. This is a fantastic tutorial!!! Your hair always looks so fantastic :) Makes me really wish I had long hair so I could try this!

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  2. Katie, you look like a beautiful painting in that first image. Is it just me or does someone else see it too? I'm blown away by your hair and your talent. I could never get my hair to look like that if I tried!

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  3. You have the best hair ever girl! Love this tutorial, the end result is beautiful. And yes Jen! I can totally see that first photo being a painting :)

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  4. Wow Nice hair! I enjoyed reading your post here. Do you accept for Guest post?

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