Guest Post: October Rebel and the LBD

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hello- or Bonjour as they would say in Paris, where we're enjoying a honeymoon. While I'm gone, some of my favorite ladies have guest posts for you that will be interspersed with more regular NFD content. October Rebel is blogger whose style I feel deep kinship with. She's sharing a basic wardrobe item that can go anywhere with us- even, say, to a wedding! 

Hi! October here, from October Rebel. I was so honored when Kristian asked me to do a guest post. I wish her all the best on her wedding and honeymoon. Since she's busy with wedding stuff, I thought I might talk about what I'm wearing (as a guest) to upcoming weddings.

This is what I wore on an evening date to see the Great Gatsby the other weekend. I also wore this on a Valentine's Day Dinner Date. This dress is also for parties and for weddings. This is my Little Black Dress. My partner on semi-formal occasions. My fancy friend. It's not too formal, and not to casual. And very reliable.

Maybe it's on the outskirts of the LBD concept with its bright floral print, but it fills the same function in my wardrobe. When looking for an LBD, I recommend treating it as a small investment. It's fun to experiment with fashion, but there are times when you might need something reliable. I know there have been a few times when I found out about a semi-formal event I needed to attend at short notice. It was a relief to know I had this LBD waiting in my closet.

Do you have a reliable dress for weddings and fancy events?

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