Month in Review: June 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

"They  say  when you marry in  June  you're a  bride  all your life and the  bride- groom who marries in  June  gets a sweet-heart for a wife."

June has been an amazing month for us, what with getting married and going on our honeymoon. But it's been pretty special for Never Fully Dressed too. Here are some things to love about June! 

Outfits to Love

Gingham Shirt | Jean Shorts | Red Dress

Mail to Love

Movie Ticket Invitations designed by my sister helped start the wedding  festivities  off right.. With summer time in full swing, How to Write a Postcard (The latest in the Letter Writing Series) had perfect timing, and who could forget the mail going to the dogs with this BarkBox Review? This Stationary Wishlist showed off some fun goodies for the humans too!

Movies to Love

Romance was in the air this month with these two classic films. Bringing up Baby and the Philadelphia Story pair up Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant with the film that ruined her career (but it is still a peach of a show), and the one that brought it back.

Guest Posts to Love

guestpost Collage

While I've been gone getting married and all that jazz, several fantastic ladies have taken the helm. Elana of Room 334, October Rebel, and Ashley of Souther (California) Belle all shared their own wedding guest styles. Katie of Butterfly Snapdragons gave us vintage style galore with a fabulous Hair How-To post too! 

Plans to Love

This has been a whirlwind of a month! We celebrated Dad with Father's day surprises (you can read more about my dad's wonderful style here). But of course, most of the month was taken up in  wedding preparations, and the big event itself! I have been feeling so blessed to get to be surrounded by friends and family, to see such dear faces, and most of all to be marrying this most amazing man. I'm super excited to be sharing photos of the event with you, but right now we are honeymooning in Paris. I look forward to getting to catch up with you all on our return. 
Mrs and Mr Olson

Finds to Love

I'm always complimenting people on their "effortless" looking style, but after this interesting mini-essay from Rebecca of The Clothes Horse "Against Effortlessness," it got me thinking what we really mean when we say that. What are your thoughts? Just a syntax issue or something more? 

Made my inner grammar nerd laugh.

I always love to see fellow Flock Together bloggers around making their mark on the internet. This month though, my jaw dropped seeing this gorgeous photoshoot featuringJessi of Haircut and General Attitude among other girls. 

One of my favorite parts of blogging is finding new locations to shoot in;makes me appreciate where I live more. But, bloggers, you don't have to live in Wyoming for gorgeous shots. This is a list of Outfit Photo Locations that anyone should be able to find!  

If you don't already follow the blog Rosapina Vintage, you are missing out on an Italian dream. Not only did she launch a lovely vintage-inspired clothing line, but you can see her model it while riding a bike through Turin! 

There's a lot of much tread group concerning whether fashion is a feminist issue between the ideas of vanity, body issues and "male/female constructs," but the idea of fashion as a predominately female art form is pretty interesting. What are you thoughts on the matter? 

This outfit by Hattie of Hattitude is spunky and adorable; likewise for Vintage Vixen's amazing Superman sweater!

As a teacher I'm not sure what to think of this: Should We Cut Classic Children's Stories for the Internet Generation? 

My dad's picture of my wedding shoes won some awards! Here's the photograph. Go Dad. 


  1. how was your honeymoon?! i saw some Facebook photos of your wedding and you looked gooorgeous! also, what an awesome post from the clothes horse. i actually don't like when people claim it's all so effortless because piecing together a creative outfit is hard! i find the "effortless" outfits totally fine and cute, but they have no spunk to them. so i'm totally with her on that one!

    xo Marlen
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    1. Our honeymoon was great! It got off to a bit of a rough start; we both got sick with the norovirus the days we were flying, but we are excited to show the pictures of Paris itself.

      It is funny; That post about "against effortlessness" really got me thinking about what we mean when we say something looked effortless and why we crave it, for sure (Possibly, I think sometimes we want to say something looks very natural and partly I think we like the idea that people must just always be beautiful, right out of bed so it doesn't matter what they wear. Which is weird considering we are complimenting their looks and clothes.)

  2. What a good month for you! So happy to see you got married!

    Have the best honeymoon,

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