Stationary Wishlist

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


1. Postcards from Penguin (100 book jackets in one box) 2. Stamp Return Address   3. Personalized Photo Return Address Labels 4. Lined Envelope 5. TUL Rollerball Pen 6. Unlined White Paper 7. Forever Stamps (Vintage Seed Packet edition) 8. Favorite Things Pencils 9. Social Stationary Card Set

Who doesn't love getting mail? With these pretties in your desk, you'll be sure to sending enough mail to really brighten everyone's day!

1. Postcards from Penguin- I adore postcards and love books. A match made in heaven!

2. Stamp Return Address- Beautiful and useful, you'll be taking your business to a small business too.

3. Personalized Return Address Labels- We can personalize just about anything with our own photos now, so why not dress up your letters? Especially great for holiday cards or thank you notes!

4. Lined Envelopes- The minute the envelope is opened, your penpal will know how special they are.

5. TUL Rollerball pen- Ink flowing smoothly helps your thoughts flow smoothly too!

6. Unlined White Paper- Sometimes you want unlined paper, whethe for serious purposes (writing a sympathy note, perhaps), or for something fun (illustrations or maybe a spiral letter or pictionary note!)

7. Vintage Seed Packet Forever Stamps- Stamps a must, so why not pick up some pretty ones from your local post office?

8. Favorite Things Pencils- You'll be sure to get a smile every time you pick up one to write.

9. Social Stationary- Blank cards can be used for almost any occasion and with these adorable illustrations you'll be sure to be coming up with many occasions to write!


  1. Oh, these are adorable! My sister is a writer, so I can see so many things here that she'd just love to have. I especially love the darling pencils!

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    1. Oh glad you enjoyed this post! Those pencils really can't fail at making people smile, right?

  2. awesome items! lovely- no.8 :D

    ANECIA WAS HERE- more than passion ♥
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  3. I am obsessed with stationary - nice to see it being given a shout out! Great post!

    Love Cass

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