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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello- or Bonjour as they would say in Paris, where we're enjoying a honeymoon. Lucky for me, Nikki of The Ginger Diaries wrote this post on what to pack for Paris. She knows what she's talking about! Thanks Nikki, and, readers, don't forget to check out her blog for a fresh, classic style and great photography! 

Hello there Never Fully Dressed readers! Today I'm taking over the blogging wheel from Kristian, who's just celebrated her big day and is now away on vacation! Aren't you all curious to see the photos? I know I am! Kristian asked me and a few other bloggers to fill in for her while she was gone. She wanted me to do something about my travel experiences. Together we came up with the idea to share what I would pack for Paris, because well, I live so very close to it!

I've been to Paris twice, once in '09 and again in '11. We went there with a high speed train with no luggage space, so we were very limited as to what we could bring along on the journey / take home. I want to share a list of my essentials with you.
A Little Black Dress // Oh, The LBD. It's the perfect everyday basic and it doesn't take up much space in your suitecase. In summer you can wear it on it's own with a pair of flats or sandals and you're good to go! In winter, you can wear it with tights, boots and your coat. Simple as that! An LBD is always a bit chique and is just perfect for a stroll through the Parisian neighborhoods.

Comfortable shoes // Paris is an old city. Thus so are the sidewalks. They're missing tiles, are bumpy, there's cars parked on them, ... . Leave the heels at home and go for a pair of cute flats to keep your feet happy and painless. Now you might think that Paris has a good subway system, and it does, but we barely use it when we visit. The city is too beautiful to go underground! 

A (trench) coat // The mid-west of Europe has what I refer to as "average" weather in summer. It's not too hot, not too cold and with a good ,sometimes unexpected dose of rain at least once a week. A coat is a must, as it cools off fast once the sun starts to set. Because trench coats are super versatile and just as classic  as the LBD I personally always opt for my trench when I have to pack.

Easy, classic jewelry // A statement necklace is very on-trend, but it's also heavy and from personal experience I know that it can get annoying when you wear one all day. I have this super cute necklace that I once won in a giveaway that's the perfect finish to my LDB, make me look a bit put-together and is comfortable to wear all day because it's so light.

♥ A carry-all with shoulder strap // because you're gonna need your hands to hold your camera. Paris is the most photogenic city I've been to so far. And I've seen my fair part, haha.

Basically, When you go to Paris: pack your basics. The golden rule in France is to keep it simple, but chique. Go for timeless basics like a white shirt, black sigarette pants and a comfy pair of loafers. Take a simple sundress, straw hat and cute sandals with you. 

For your information: I bought the suitcase on a fleamarket three years ago for €9 • H&M tench coat (last season) • Zara dress (winter 2011) • Scapa flats (summer 2013) • The print in the background is a souvenir from Paris. Shops around Mont Martre carry them with various prints for a mere €1 - €2.   
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