Photography Q&A Part Three

Monday, July 22, 2013

Over the past few months, we've gotten the occasional question about cameras and photography on the blog. So, your questions are answered here in this mini-series, Photography Q&A.  See Part One   and Part Two here

For photo shoots do you create backdrops or scout locations out?

Kristian:  We almost always scout places for the outfit photographs, though we do set up a studio with a white backdrop for hair tutorials.

Where do you take your pictures?

Kristian :is was a popular topic from the last Q&A! We take photos in a variety of locations around the Bighorn Basin in Wyoming, where we live, as well as in Southeastern Montana. 


The majority are taken within our hometown, Cody, or its surrounding countryside, often within five or ten minute drive. We are incredibly lucky to be living near so much nature, but we do utilize in-town locations too. You've seen our downtown, Old Trail Town, and more touristy sites like this western village . Most often though, we use sites just outside of town. Our favorite stand-by is the Buffalo Bill Reservoir. We have four or five places we can stop and some of my favorite shoots have happened here including this one by a tunnel, this one on a mountain side, and this one showing the water behind. The area near the shooting range also has been featured many times, as has the area near the Heart Mountain Relocation Camp. Some days we will drive up the South Fork (not pictured on the map, but near the Reservoir) or the North Fork (the road from Cody to Yellowstone).  
The blog has also travelled further abroad though. Since Wyoming's population and towns are so small, but the land so vast, no one thinks much of a multi-hour drive. Plus, there is a very strong culture of camping and going to the mountains for recreation. Billings- about 90 miles or 90 minutes away- is a common day trip. We might think nothing of going there for a doctor's visit or to shop, so it has been photographed for the blog All. The. Time. Red Lodge, about 45 minutes away, is also a fun stop, especially since you can also choose to drive the longer route to the town by going through the Beartooth Mountains (about 4 hrs.). Powell and Wapiti are each about a 30 miles drive. Since Cody is the nearest town to the Yellowstone's East Gate, we've naturally taken outfit shots in Yellowstone National Park too. And, like all blogger, we love to share about the cities we visit ( San Francisco, Paris, Portland, Laramie .) 
I try to keep a running list of local (ish) location ideas to keep things fresh, and try to take advantage of our weekend plans, and find locations in where we are travelling too. Some others have commented that this seems like a lot more effort than using your backyard. It is, I suppose, in the sense you have to travel to the sites; which is part of the reason why I choose to make outfits only a twice-weekly feature. Mostly it is just a different type of product. One of the best things about starting the blog, The Boy and I both agree, has been a renewed appreciation for the area in which we live.
Is there an area of Cody or the larger Big Horn Basin/Yellowstone/Southern Montana area you would be interested in seeing?


  1. I didn't realise you lived in Cody - I love it there!! I travelled through with my family on our way out of Yellowstone a few years ago and saw the rodeo. I'm planning to go back as soon as I possibly can :) Love seeing your pictures in all these different locations!
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

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  2. Finding a photo location is definitely the hardest part about blogging for me. I with there were more scenic locations around, but since we live in the city it's just house after house as a backdrop! I love the inspiration bloggers like you give me to branch out a bit and find more natural locations!

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  3. i LOVE how you made the little map- it's so cool to see the effort you put into your photos this way! where you live is so picturesque- it's so awesome you have such a backdrop!

    xo marlen
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  4. The locations you choose are always so beautiful!

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  5. yessss. your outfit photos are always set against the most beautiful scenery.

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  6. Beautiful pictures.You look great.Nice idea of using map.

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  7. Awesome work. I am glade that I have come across this post. Its nice how you've created the little map of your own. Cheers

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