Month in Review: July 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ah, back from our honeymoon in Paris, July started off the very sweet life of newlyweds. And while, as they tell us, it isn't all candlelight and roses, here are some other things (in addition to being married) that made July such a delectable month.

Sweet Outfits
Vintage Dress, French Market, boater hat, red dress, trench coat, Paris,

 Vintage Dress | Boater Hat | Red Dress

Sweet Mail
A stationary themed Quarterly Co. Subscription Box came in the mail, but could you picture getting some of these unusual mail projects, such has a love letter from a stranger, or a letter delivered via a carrier pigeon?

Sweet Movies
This month's movie picks were inspired by summertime travel! We went to exotic markets in Casablanca, soaked up the sun of the Cote D'Azur in How to Catch a Thief, and saw all the sites along site Hepburn and Peck in Roman Holiday.

Sweet Plans
The start of July found us in Paris for our honeymoon! Unluckily, we'd actually both contracted the norovirus from wedding guests, and were sick right at the beginning of our travels, but you can't keep romance from the City of Love. Guest blogger Nikki shared what to pack for Paris, and we shared our views of the city with Instragram, and through some fashion finds. Getting home, we've been busy catching up with family, but found time for heading to the mountains, and seeing Shakespeare in the Park. We also shared some answers to common Photography questions, giving a behind-the-scenes look at how a post comes alive on Never Fully Dressed. See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

eiffel tower, nighttime,lights, paris,Montemare, Grand Palis, Oz, emerald city, sacre Coeur, Seine, bridge, river,

Sweet Finds

Flock Together's Wedding Attire Style Challenge happened the very weekend I was getting married! Also- this cute and personalized wedding of Origami Girl

Speaking of weddings and  honeymoons, in Paris, gratituity is automatically added to the bill. Here are some some compelling arguments why tipping should be illegal.

Mermaids are real. 

Fashionable shirts, reasonable prices and helping a cause? Yes please! Elegantees sells shirts made by women rescued from human sex trafficking and 100% of their profits go to support their workers or are donated to further the cause.

Jen Hsiesh, Emma, and Kitsune-Kun are all visions in white.

I'm obsessed with flavoring our water! Want to try these three recipes?

How to watch silent films 

Ever wonder what happens to donated clothing?

Katie has two new vintage hair tutorials I am dying to try (here and here).

Alex of Into the Woods shares a charming lookbook video she took part in.


  1. Hope you enjoyed every second of your honeymoon. You look adorable in those photos.

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  2. I love seeing your pictures from Paris-- it looks like you had the most amazing time!

    Such a great round-up of links-- I'll have to try those flavored waters! And thanks for featuring me :)

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    1. You're welcome.

      Hope you enjoy the flavored water!

  3. I hadn't seen that you'd posted that about donated clothes before, definitely an interesting read! i remember back in college a Goodwill employee cam and talked about how if you just throw things in the bins in parking lots, it won't stay local, almost always, and encouraged everyone to take things to GW or other local thrift stores directly, which seems ironic because tehre are soo many all around here that it's almost just as easy as a bin. anyway, thanks for reminding me about this, maybe i'll post on it. glad July was a wonderful month for you with your honeymoon and some fun actives w/ Amos already!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

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    1. I don't post about donated clothes much, but have been reading several posts on it and then found this article, which I found quite interesting. We don't have very many thrift stores around here (or at least very many nice thrift stores. Some have clothes that are crummy, dirty shirts with holes which makes me sad for whomever shops there). so I like the idea that no matter what donations still are used, though it is more environmentally friendly if things are locally used.

  4. You had some great outfits this past month and a lot of inspiration from your wedding/honeymoon! I truly love you in dresses <3



    Southern (California) Belle

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  5. I hopped over from the lovely Ali's blog.

    Congrats on your wedding and Paris was also our honeymoon destination. London and Paris in fact. Sad to hear that you were sick. I fell sick en route London to Paris so I wasted the 1st day in Paris sleeping. I understand how bumped it is to be sick. Glad you enjoyed yourself overall in the end.

    I clicked your "mermaids are real" link and it wasn't what I thought it was. Did you know that there is a documentary about mermaids? I think they were spotted sometime in March. They aren't those pretty little things that have always been portrayed in cartoons and art. They are in fact hideous looking.

    Just in case I don't check back (i'm usually very busy once the work week starts), leave me a note on my blog and I would definitely connect back with you.

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  6. Love your style! Hope you had fun on your trip besides the sickness!

    Colour Me Classic

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  7. oh wow I'm so jealous of your trip! I've always wanted to go to Paris.
    Your outfits are so lovely too!


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