Paris Diaries: Mona Lisa and a Night on the Seine

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The Louvre is the world's largest museum. You could get lost in the there. Easily. As a tip for anyone thinking of going- get the museum pass before coming here; the time it saves you in lines at the Louvre alone makes it worth the price.  The Louvre was actually quite overwhelming between the crowds and the way the art is crammed in just to fit on the walls! We visited the Italian paintings, in order to pay homage to Mona Lisa. Amos fought the crowds to get a closer look. I was content to see the mysterious lady's smile from afar. We also saw sections of Ancient sculpture, a wing whose crown jewel is the stunning Venus De Milo, and portions of the French sculpture wing as well.

Besides the paintings, the number one thing I wanted to see at the Louvre was the wing of Mesopotamian artwork. The column upon which Hammurabi's Code was first carved is in this section as well as these stunning bull deity statues that are well over 12,000 years old. They set them up, along with huge panels of bas-relief carvings, as they would be arranged in an Assyrian temple to an awe-inspiring effect. Since they tower over you, it might not be noticeable at first, but if you count the legs, you can see four visible legs if looking at the carving from straight on, and four legs if looking at from the side (where it now appears to be walking forward). It shouldn't be possible to have all four legs always visible, especially if the statute appears to change from a standing to a walking pose. Glanced at from an angle reveals the trick of how they accomplished that- the statute in fact has five legs!

Paris Collage
River Tour1Collage

Our boat tour took us down the Seine River, under some of Paris' most famous bridges. The one with all the funny carved faces are supposed to be the English Court that France was fighting against at the time. The faces were modelled off of criminals though and it still caused something a scandal that any nobility- even enemy ones- would be modelled off of that! Notre Dame was particularly stunning from the water,and above you can see me listening to our audio guide. As you can see from the last college, we also saw the smallest house in Paris, and some of the Wild West followed us to Europe (No joke, I've seen Wild West stuff every trip I've ever been in Europe on. Buffalo Bill toys in Venice, Cowboy street artists in Rome, Western Wear stores in Prague, photos by artists I've met in the British Museum, and now teepees and Buffalo Bill comics in Paris. Guess we really do live somewhere others see as exotic!)

After the boat tour, the main event started- our dinner at the Eiffel Tower. To be clear, this dinner was a gift from Amos' work. Some might consider it touristy, but we found it fun! I tried some Duck Foie Gaie. We didn't get to climb further than the first platform, where the restaurant is located at, but enjoyed views of Paris and, leaving much fuller than we left, we also got to see up close this tower of lights.


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  1. Cool post!!
    Love Amsterdam!

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  2. I was looking forward to your posts about Paris ^^ I have been there a couple times but have never taken a boat ride. I'm not to fond of wobbly water things, haha. These pictures are stunning though, and make me wish my stomach was a little more strong! And how sweet of Amos' work to offer you guys a dinner on the tower! That must have been amaaaazing! xo

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    1. Oh dear, a weak stomach definitely makes a river trip a no-no! Oh, well... there are so many amazing ways to see Paris!

  3. Cool! So interesting about the 5 legs!

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  4. that is SO cool how they made the statue w/ 5 legs to give the illusions from diff angles! All of the Mesopotamian art looks amazing, my hubs would've loved seeing all that since it's always his favorite too. Amos really did get a great picture of the Mona Lisa, although I can certainly see how it would get overwhelming visiting that museum. That is so kind of Amos' work, what a wonderful treat and lasting memory! Touristy, definitely; but amazing? Absolutely! Loved seeing this peek into your honeymoon and Paris Kristian, looks like such a wonderful time!!

    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

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  5. AWWW look at you guys all adorable with your cheers and in your gorgeous dress on the bus! I have only see the Louvre from the outside, how cool that you got to explore and the scenery is stunning! Love that you're sharing your adventures with us!
    xo Hannah

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  6. I love seeing other people's photos of Paris. Looks like you accomplished loads while you were there.


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  7. Venus de Milo had such great abs. Haha.
    I've been to Paris twice; once when I was 11, and again last year. Went to Louvre both times, but never inside!! So frustrating. I've never gone for more than 3 days so it's been impossible to get inside the Louvre. Next time I go to Paris it will be for 7 days and it will be fantastic.

    I would have so swooned over the Mesopotamian section. So much history in one place. And I loved your beautiful floral dress!

    I think dinner in the Eiffel tower is a fun idea, touristy or not! I did go up all the way last time (you can see my Paris pictures here and here) and then we (parents and I) climbed down the stairs so we wouldn't waste time waiting for the elevators. It definitely looked easier than it was! We totally underestimated how long those steps were, haha.

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    1. I loved reading about your Paris trip too btw.

  8. these photos made me yearn for paris. i truly fell in love with this city. your pictures captured it beautifullY! xo

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  9. Oh my. These photos are stunning.

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  10. Goodness, these photos are STUNNING! Every time I go to Paris I'm amazed with how overwhelming the Louvre is- there really is soooooo much to take in. But I'm a big museum fan, so I try not to let the crowds bother me because the art is all so beautiful! It looks like you had a wonderful trip!

    Xo, Hannah

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  11. I love reading your Paris diaries! You look like you had the most fabulous time! I've always wanted to eat dinner in the Eiffel tower with a handsome fellow-- maybe someday ;-)

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  12. amazing photos definitely something to go on the Bucket List I think! your dress is so pretty too!
    XO Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

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  13. love Paris! ^^

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  14. Really amazing pics! I always wanted to go to paris!

    Hope you'll visit my blog.
    Follemente Fashion Blog also on Fashiolista and Bloglovin'

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  15. that's awesome! i've always wanted to eat there just because. it's sooo worth it to climb though. the first time i went one of the levels was closed due to security.

    this is just so great. your photos are reallllyyyy good. like, i can't tell you how much i am enjoying them.

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  16. What gorgeous photos! And the art history nerd in me is just buzzing with excitement!

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  17. i had no idea there was stuff actually inside the eiffel tower! though i did just watch Paris When it Sizzles so that should have given me a hint -__- Anywho, I love the detailed glimpse you gave us into the museum. I can only imagine how much more interesting Europe's museums are than ours. All that rich history! And I love that you decided not to fight the crowds to go see Mona haha, I'd probably be the same. And how strange that everyone's into the Wild West, I'd never have thought it exotic hahah!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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    1. I don't find the West that exotic either, but then I grew up here. Once I started looking though, it does also get into Nat Geo fairly regularly too.. lol.


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