Wedding Reception

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our fourth and final installment of wedding photographs, ending with our reception. To see more about our retro wedding click here! 


Nothing says festivities like a parade! Since we chose to do our photographs before the wedding, we were able to go directly from the ceremony to the reception hall. With only a block between the two locations, we all paraded down the street.


Our LOVE sign is actually made of foam core and poster board using the tutorial found here. Our cake was Strawberry and "Italian Creme" from Harper and Madison. Isn't the retro topper adorable? Since it was an afternoon reception, cake was the main foodie attraction, but we also served mini hamburgers and had a bar for more sustenance, catered by The Geyser Brewing Co.

For those of you who didn't realize, The Husband and I have been taking dance lessons since we started dating, and chose the "retro" theme based in part on this fact. As you can image, we were pretty excited to cut a rug as man and wife. We chose the upbeat "Take My Heart" by Chris Isaak, doing the country two-step before segueing into the Single Lindy. Showing off? Maybe, but our dance instructors and fellow classmates (those behind us in the below photo) seemed to like it! We also each danced with a parent (father-daughter dance followed by mother-son). Doesn't The Boy and his mom look so cute? Gwen is adorable; I'm very lucky to have them in my life now.

Decorations were my favorite part of planning. It was very DIY and a community effort. We used our postcard centerpieces and coke-bottles-turned-vases with balloons and tulips to decorate the tables. Guests were then able to take the flower/bottle/balloon combo home with them as a token of our thanks. We also used painted ice cream parlour chairs at the head table, and similar furniture throughout. The gift table was darling with vintage suitcases (lovingly supplied by a friend! Thanks Shannon!) for keeping any cards in, a Red Rocket wagon held a DIY String Heart (made by my father-in-law), and the guestbook was this matted image of the portrait we commissioned from Rachel and framed by friends. Rachel's artwork showed up several other places in the wedding too, including on our programs and an instruction poster. We also had a Casablanca poster on display. It was Amos' first gift to me, but it had another purpose too. We'd chosen to go low-key with the reception hall, and had booked the local auditorium. It had a fifties feel to it, so rather than stress us, it added to the ambiance. The large stage felt a bit barren though, so we projected the movie Casablanca onto its back wall, and it played silently throughout. Its always been my favorite film, but it holds special meaning to us;  the first film we showed as a movie in the park (when The Boy threw me a surprise birthday party shortly after we had started dating) was Casablanca. He's such a sweetie, right?

Besides dancing and a movie, the other big entertainment for our guests was this fantastic photo booth, built by The Boy from scratch! It was actually being built as something work-related, but its inaugural use was right here. It worked by touchscreen and the photos popped out the back!

I think it's safe to say everyone had a blast, but the pictures speak for themselves on that account. Instead, I'll just close saying a huge thank you to all of you who helped make this day so special, and who were celebrating with us whether in spirit or in person. Thank you.



  1. What an absolutely delightful wedding! I am totally swooning over here. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness (((((hugs))))

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  2. I love this, Kristian! All of your little details tie together so well!

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  3. Looks like such a wonderful day!!! These photos are so fantastic, such a great reception! That cake looks and sounds so delicious :)
    Gorgeous shots

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  4. Love that everyone walked together to get to the reception!

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  5. I love that last photo.

    I is amazing that your man was able to build a photo booth!


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    1. I forgot to mention that I did answer you question on my blog.


  6. Your cake looks delicious! I love how you added the berries and that it ties into your colors :) SO cute and congrats again, girl

    xo Ashley

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  7. That love sign you guys made is SO cool! I also love the coke bottle vases and you guys look too cute dancing with your parents!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

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  8. awww im so sad this is the last post :( i LOVE your reception- all that red added such amazing pops. i love the parlor chairs and the coke bottles- those were such cute touches. and the casablanca movie! your whole wedding was so romantic.

    and in Polish tradition, there's a band that follows the groom from his house to his bride's house, where he picks her up for church. and then with the band playing behind them, they walk to church with their families to go get hitched. haha your procession reminded me of that!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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    1. I really hope you follow that Polish Tradition. That sounds AWESOME!

      Also- thank you!

  9. what a beautiful wedding Kristian!! that is too fun you all paraded down the street together and i'm loving all your vintage decorations, esp the camera one. great idea to have guests sign the framed drawing of you two also!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

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  10. I can't get over how beautiful your cake is!! So in love!

    Xo, Hannah

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  11. love all the decorations!!! so fun!


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  12. Your cake is gorgeous! And do I spot a Kristian and Amos portrait by Rachel?!?



    Southern (California) Belle

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  13. cute post!

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  14. I'm so impressed by all your DIYs Kristian! The way you incorporated the retro theme all throughout & paid attention to so many details is just spectacular! I so wish Pinterest & other DIY sites were around (or better known) 10 years back when I was planning my wedding. I went for an old Hollywood - Audrey Hepburn kind of feel but we probably spent way too much $ on things we could have done ourselves.

    Your family parading down the street is the sweetest!

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    1. Oh, an Audrey Hepburn/ Old Hollywood feel sounds so lovely.

      And yes, Pinterest definitely helped me in planning!

  15. This is so adorable. I love all the diy touches and the idea of a wedding playing Casablanca is KILLIN' me. So perfect. The reception looked like so much fun and I love Rachel's artwork, it's freakin' adorable!

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  16. That wedding cake is beautiful! I love the simplicity of the design with the fresh berries. So pretty! Also, that blue and white polka dot dress is kind of amazing...

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

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  17. Congratulations Kristian!!! You look gorgeous and that dress is amazing! Alex

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