What I Wore: Labor Day Weekend

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


What I Wore: Camisole  (Forever 21; Similar Here), Shirt and Shoes (Old Navy), Skirt (Thrifted; Similar Here),  Necklace (Vintage; Similar Here)

Perfection is pretty much picnicking by the river with your love, your dogs, and a baguette and good cheese, right? It felt that way anyway, when we went up to the mountains for Labor Day Weekend. And since we're not big hikers, these shoes and this skirt serve me well enough when scrambling over rocks. How did you spend the weekend? Are you the get-back-to-nature type or the show-me-the-sale type? 


  1. This outfit is perfect on you, dear!

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  2. Always love seeing this beautiful skirt of yours! it's great w/ the chambray top as well. We are def back to nature types, as I'm sure you've noticed, but i'm still glad you could enjoy the beautiful scenery in a way that fit you both. it's strange that the scenery reminds me a lot of northern AZ.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

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    1. I've thought the same thing about northern AZ and the mountains here. From my time driving through Flagstaff the biggest difference I could tell was a different type of pine tree was more prevalent than here, where it is pretty much all Lodgepole Pine.

  3. Your picnic by the river sounds delightful! I am not a big hiker either so this outfit is perfect! Cute and comfy! I adore your skirt!


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  4. i went to the mountains, too! and i went there i totally thought of you, because of your constant gorgeous nature shots. and i like this idea of a picnic with good cheese- i'm not one to ever refuse that ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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  5. You always look so pretty in that skirt! I spent most of the weekend at home and catching up on sleep :). Pretty boring!



    Southern (California) Belle

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  6. Yepp, that pretty much sounds like perfection :) I spent the weekend doing a little bit of shopping and spending a little time on the beach and at the bay so I guess I am both types? haha.

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  7. That is one amazing skirt- love the colors! I went to Colorado for the weekend and there was a smidge of hiking involved which is the perfect amount for me- and much more eating an drinking with friends ;) Glad you enjoyed your holiday!

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  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful long weekend, and a lovely outfit to go with it! I'll never get over how cheerful this skirt is :)

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  9. The weather in the Bay Area is glorious around this time. It's so perfect for doing things outdoors - especially going to wine country if you can get there!

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  10. so so cute! love the floral print of the skirt and the layering of the tops you paired with it. also impressed you can scamper over rocks in anything other than boots or tennis shoes :)


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  11. You ran around the moutains in flats? Go girl! I escaped on a road-trip because I have no money to shop! Strategy!

    perfectly priya

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  12. Absolutely adore your skirt! You're beautiful!

    Xo, Hannah


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  13. I'm definitely the get-back-to-nature type, I love the outdoors! This is such a cute outfit! I often hike around in my ballet flats as well, but I find them good enough! xo

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