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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stitch Fix is a subscription service I've mentioned before, and this past September and October, I finally took the plunge to try out!  The basic idea of Stitch Fix is in each box you will be sent five items in or below your price range that are your style. If you like the items, you pay and keep them! If you don't, you send them back. But how accurate can a company and stylist you've never seen be? That's what I was determined to find out!
When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you provide a form of payment, as each box has a twenty dollar styling fee attached to it.  You also fill out a Style Survey. Most of the questions are about general style (would you describe your style as: romantic? Bohemian?) and include both words and images to help get a feel for what you like. They also ask if you are "More of a dress gal or a jeans girl." It also has a space for you to pick a price bracket. Most of the clothes you choose will be in your price bracket, but if there are items lower than that bracket the stylist thinks you'll love, they might send you cheaper items too! The company does ask for links to any social media or website you want to share with them, but I'm unclear how much they look at those links to help them.

Once it is filled out, you pick a date to get a box and one will arrive at your door. Once the box arrives, you can see what they picked. Each clothing item will have a price tag and will also have a small style guide attached to it to give you ideas on how to wear it with items you already own (as seen above). You can feel free to try out the clothing too. One of the big advantages of Stitch Fix is you can try on their items and see how they work with your wardrobe right in the comfort of your own home!

Within a day or so of getting your box, an email will also arrive at your inbox, reminding you to check out. The check out process is similarly very easy to do with StitchFix. They have a list a of the items sent to you and their cost. You pick whether you will be keeping each item. There is also a space to leave feedback about what you did or didn't like about each item. This, I feel, is an important component of how the company works. Here is your main opportunity, after the survey, to interact with your stylist. After you've said whether or not you are keeping the items, it will show you your total, and charge the card on your account. If you buy any of the items, the twenty dollar styling fee goes towards the cost of your total (and if you don't buy anything, you are still charged the twenty dollars). If you buy all five items you get a discount.

If you don't like items, Stitch Fix makes it very easy to send those items back; it is a simple two step process and you are not charged for the clothes or their return. First, let them know you will not be keeping the items when you check-out, and then you just put the unwanted items back into a pre-paid for return bag that needs to be sent back within three business days. Take that bag to your local post office and it is on it's way!

Stitch Fix was easy to use, for me.

Not gonna lie. I got my first box in September and- It. Was. Awful. Hardly anything fit right, and almost nothing was my style. I won't say the pieces (or at least most of them. One could not be redeemed) weren't cute. They were. In fact, I could see several of my friends in those pieces. They were just not me. This could have been how the survey was filled out; I do, after all, tend to an eclectic taste. More likely, I thought, the first Stitch Fix box just wasn't going to be that good- how can they know me, my size and my style from just a survey, after all?

So I signed up for one more box to be delivered in October. I was detailed in explaining what I did not like about the September Box and also left a comment about two certain items I was looking for. This extra information really seemed to help, because I really liked my Stitch Fix in October much better.

The October box focussed much more on basic items. I was sent the two items I mentioned I was looking for- a white sweater and a pair of darker wash skinny jeans. Both were fantastic! I was also sent a LBD, a black long sleeve T with embellishments and a red cardigan. Of these five items, I only kept the white sweater; the jeans were also great and for the quality well priced, but I'd actually already picked up some skinny jeans between the September and October Stitch Fix. As for the other items- I mostly felt they were nice items, if sometimes overpriced for the quality. However, I already had a LBD and a red cardigan, and a T shirt was not my current style, though I could see it would have been considered quite a nice shirt for many a local cowgirl. Interestingly, I think Stitch Fix must mostly buy items that cannot be bought in regular stores. I looked to see if my Doleman Sleeve shirt could be bought anywhere else, and you must buy directly from wholesalers. Also, though not all items were, at least some (including my white sweater) were items made in the USA.

The October box also came with a surprise- a chance to work with the group Thred-Up! Stitch Fix Members also had a chance for a coupon to birch box that would arrive with their November Stitch Fix as well. While this opportunity is no longer available, I was very interested to know that the company Stitch Fix worked regularly with other companies to bring their customers good deals.

stitchfix4 Collage

Overall, I enjoyed the experience with Stitch Fix, with several cravats. First, I do think it gets better with time. The most Fixes you order, the better the stylist will know you and the better your clothing items will be (for you). Secondly, though the option is there to sign up for monthly boxes, I'm not sure I'd get one every month. Too much temptation to get too much!

However, I loved having the time and leisure to try on items at home, so I could see how my own wardrobe looked with the Stitch Fix items, and I loved having the time to decide if I wanted an item or not. The sign-up process and the returns process were both pretty convenient. I also felt that the company really does listen to you in terms of what you want, and what you did and did not like. This is a great subscription box, especially if you do no like to shop in stores or don't have the time, or just want something different from what everyone else has. If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend you give Stitch Fix a try!  If you are a Stitch Fix customer, what has your experiences been? Share in the comments below.


  1. What a cool concept! I definitely think I'm gonna give it a whirl even if it's a fail the first time around :-)

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    1. Oh, I hope you write about it for your blog (or at least let me know how it goes!). I think it is fun to see what people think of different subscription boxes.

  2. This is probably the most detailed and honest review I've read about stitch fix. I've been wanting to give it a try but haven't ever gotten around to (or remembered to). I also wondered about Kensie's jeans so it was nice to have a little bit of a review on those!

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    1. I'd definitely recommend the Kensie jeans.

      Hope the review helped you decide to try Stitch Fix out :)

  3. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    It's a cute idea I think, especially for those people far away from any shops or more special shops - it still does sound like a hassle though.
    Good the second box was better!

    Have a great day,

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    1. Your welcome. It is an adorable blog!

      It actually wasn't much of a hassle at all ( I think it sounds like more work than it was). It was a few minutes survey and an online check out process. I think, since the return shipping is prepaid, you could even leave it for a mailperson to pick up if you didn't want to make it to a post office.

  4. Wow, that sounds like a really cool idea! I love getting surprises, and I love even more the thought that you can send them back if you don't like them. But I agree with you that I'd be too tempted to buy too much. Think I'll save that for a later date (when I'm not on a student budget anymore!)


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    1. This one is definitely not for a student budget! Actually, for the most bang for your buck, I still like the Popbasic boxes the best for fashion mailed to you. It might cost seventy or eighty dollars, but you get multiple items that will last you. Of course, even in my post-student days, that is a rare treat to get a box but I like it so I rec it :)

  5. I've never heard of this box before and the concept sounds interesting. But I feel like it's a bit too complicated, it might be hard to translate all of the specifics and tastes I have. And I love choosing things myself, it's a process you know :-) I'm glad you ended up with a few pieces that you liked!

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    1. This is definitely (to my mind, at least) aimed towards people with either no access to shops and/or little love of shopping, even online shopping. Some people love to shop and some get stressed. I thought the surprise element was fun, but only the second time when there was something I liked, so I must be picky!

      Thanks for commenting :)

  6. Really very helpful idea.It'll change the users to long lasting customers.Appreciative!!!

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