Gift Guide: For Women 2013

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


1. Teapot | 2. Betty Goes Vegan | 3. Pajama | 4. Magnetic Scrabble | 5. Shirt | 6. Purse | 7. Bracelet

Whether it is a co-worker, a childhood friend, your favorite roommate from college or even a sister, we all have beloved ladies in our lives. But it can be tricky finding something that is cute, fun and their style (not yours) as well as in a decent price range (no one likes feeling like someone over spent on them, especially if they are not in a place to reciprocate). Fear not- here are some ideas that should be perfect for your best friend!

1. Teapot - Isn't is a delight to imagine your dear friend curling up with a good book and a pot of tea, all thanks to you?

2. Betty Goes Vegan- One of my best friends really knows her way around the kitchen, and now that she's experimenting with a vegetarian and lactose intolerant lifestyle, this book might be just the thing!

3. Pajamas-  I discovered the indulgent luxury that is comfortable loungewear when a friend gave me a pair at my Hen Party this summer. Now, I want to convert the rest of my friends too!

4. Magnetic Scrabble I love words, but my friends love them even more and can probably all handily beat me at this game. How fun would an on-going game be, where you make your next move each time you hang out in her kitchen?

5. Shirt - clothing for other people can be tricky, but a basic like this works (nay, looks great!) on just about any age and shape.

6. Purse - My sister loves a good purse. Maybe you know a lady like that? This dainty offering could be dressed up for church or a night out, or make its debut in a more casual setting too, like on errands (paired with a classic trench, perhaps?) or even the office.

7. Bracelet- So, I got my first rope bracelet from Popbasic (And, let me just say, while on the more pricey end, a Popbasic Box would make a fantastic gift too!) and I'm now hooked on 'em. They are soft and this one has an adjustable chain so they won't jangle and get in the way. Plus, this particular one comes from Given Goods, a company that only uses fair trade artisan goods and/or companies that donate. This this will really be a gift that keeps on giving!


  1. If there's one thing no one should ever give me again, its Pjs! I have enough jammies for the rest of my young adult days as I was given no less that 4 sets last year haha. But a classic, black handbag is on my wishlist :) And Cath Kidston is always a good idea for me too ;) xo

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    1. Ha! Sounds like a lot of pajamas that have come your way.

      Hope you get a classic purse :)

  2. I've never realized how much I wanted a classic pair of pajamas like those until now. Gonna go scouting for a pair!

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  3. You are right, cute looking cookbook! I checked out a vegan desserts book from the library. Not sure if I will ever do that again- naturally I got a little splash of cake batter on it.

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    1. Knew you'd know who I was talking about :)

      Also- would you not get a vegan dessert cookbook from the library because you would get stuff on it, or because the recipes were not great?


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