Gift Guide: For Your Mother 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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1. Scarf | 2. Crafting Book | 3. Necklace | 4.  Embroidered Pullover | 5. iPad Accessory | 6. Jane Austen Book Set | 7. "Multi-Topper" Cardigan (Similar Here) | 8. Flowers

I know what you're thinking.

"Kristian, you just shared a gift guide for women. Mothers are women too! What gives?" And you're right, obviously. Your mom may like things from that gift guide and other woman may enjoy these gift ideas too. But this isn't for just any woman, nor just any mother. It is for your mother. She's a special woman, and as the mother of a grown woman, she's aging gracefully and moving into a new part of her life than she was when macaroni necklaces cut mustard. So whether you are shopping for Mom, for Grandma or some other female mentor your life, here's some tips on getting them that something extra special. 

1. Scarf- These make fantastic accessories and the rich velvet texture adds interest for the eye. 

 2. Crafting Book - My mother-in-law loves to craft. Just about anything and everything- if you can make it, she will. So this ultimate book on crafting is a great tool for her and the crafter in your life too.

3. Necklace - Older woman are not only more replete with wisdom and experience, they are also more able to pull off larger, statement jewelry without being overwhelmed. This necklace has large beads, but the western wear style keeps it a classic that will last her years. Plus, it is made fair trade so you give a gift that keeps on giving. 

4.  Embroidered Pullover - Like with necklaces, women in their forties and beyond may be more adept at wearing pieces with more structure to their shape. The embroidery adds interest but the like-color on like-color keeps things classic and classy.  She could wear it with jeans for a more casual look or paired with slacks and a jacket for work. 

5. iPad Accessory- Not all mothers are tech-savvy, but my mother could read books on her iPad for hours. The unfortunate side effect? Sore wrists! This makes comfortably holding your iPad a snap! 

 6. Jane Austen Book Set- Thank goodness for paperbacks, but this Christmas why not gift Mom with beautiful hardbacks of classics, such as this set of Jane Austen's works? Whether she's a hardcore Austen fan, or would be picking them up for the first time, the quality binding is sure to please.

7. "Multi-Topper" - Draped items like this can be a valuable asset to any wardrobe, especially for women beyond their twenties. They work great in both work and casual situations and hide areas we are insecure about without losing the wearer in the folds. This clothing item is not only able to act as a cardigan, but can be worn multiple ways. If this seems too avante garde (or too pricey), I've also linked to another great cardigan in beige

8. Flowers- What woman doesn't love flowers? They are sure to brighten not only her day but everyone's as they're sure to look lovely on the table at dinner too. Bouqs is an online flower delivery company that wants to make ordering flowers online simple. They have two locations where they grow flowers and you can order from either one. Those flowers grown in South America will take six days to arrive and will be forty dollars (fifty for double the amount of flowers and seventy for a triple sized order) including shipping. Those from Southern California can be overnighted and are fifty dollars. The bouquets are simple, tasteful and affordable. It is hard to beat that! 

P.S. Looking for more ideas for gifts for Moms? Click here!


  1. That book looks awesome! I need to start getting more books on crafting! Also, love the scarf - scarves are among my favorite accessories, they're warm, and can add so much to a regular outfit.

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

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  2. That Jane Austen book set is STUNNING. I love collecting special books like that so I miiiight just get that one for myself haha

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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  3. Every one wants’ to give her mother or grandmother a gift that will make them feel special. You can thank your mother by giving her a right gift and show how much you love her. Scarf’s, necklace and embroidered pullovers are really unique gifts to be given to mothers. Flowers are really one of those gifts that can be given on any occasion, whether it’s a mother’s day, birthday, anniversary, retirement etc. You can send your mother daisy bunch, a bouquet of roses or a stunning bouquet to make her feel special. Yes buying flowers online is in trend these day’s as buying online gives you an opportunity to buy at affordable rates and many a times there are special offers provided by florist on special occasions. Last year I had ordered gifted my mother a leather bag, silver necklace, a card and a flower bouquet that I had ordered online. She was very happy and I also planned for a surprise party for her. In this way I appreciated her for all that she had done for us. The bouquet of flowers has given a smile on her face as there were varieties of roses in that bouquet. You can have a look at this for further reference

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