Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Grown-Ups

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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1. Bath Salts | 2.  Literary Tattoos | 3. Stitch Calendars | 4. Rifle Co. Phone Case | 5. Pocket Hand Warmer | 6. Dominoes | 7. Coasters

1. Bath Salts - Give the gift of a luxurious bath. This is the brand of bath salts used by both man and wife religiously in my household, so consider it vouchsafed !

2.  Literary Tattoos- I've a whole gaggle of bookworms to shop for and each one would be tickled by these Jane Austen temporary tattoos.

3. Stitch Calendars - With the new year right around the corner a desk calendar seems like a good plan. This is one of the  most unusual ones I've seen, plus it is from a company that donates for every purchase you make.

4. Rifle Co. Phone Case - This phone case combines both style and function- plus it isn't too bad on the wallet either!

5. Pocket Hand Warmer - If your loved one lives in a chilly climate this handy device might make their day.

6. Dominoes- This gift will be fun for the whole family! Or if they don't like dominoes, why not a pack of cards or travel-sized board game?

 7. Coasters- Grown-ups have grown-up furniture. Help them to protect it with coasters. This mushroom dotted set is stylish but gender-neutral enough to make it into almost any living room.


  1. All of these are really great. I have fond memories of epic dominoes games at my friend's grandparents' house - three generations would sit around the table and play - the grandmother would always win!

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  2. LOL! The Jane Austen tattoos are bangin'.

    Love, Amy

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  3. love that phone case it is SO cute :)

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  4. We play dominoes with my parents and they turn into total beasts once the competition rises haha I especially liked that suggestion ;)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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  5. Those temporary tattoos sound so fun!

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  6. How cute are those stitch calendars! I want all of the above!

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  7. love these picks. =D It's so easy to forget about the adults who have stockings when you're so focused on the kids! least for me it is. Kids get a kick out of all their gifts! =D

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  8. Literary tattoos? Now I've seen it all! Thanks so much for introducing me to all these amazing ideas!

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  9. This calendars are so cool! What a great idea for a gift guide.

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  10. Jane Austen tatoos?! Really?! Oh mon dieu, oh mon dieu! It's like a miracle. What a pity that the post fees are so big to Poland...

    But one day...

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  11. Love the stocking stuffer/gift bag ideas. Great ideas. Thanks. Especially love the bath salts.

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