Month in Review: December 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December- that "Most Wonderful Time of the Year"- has already come and gone! It's been a very merry one here on Never Fully Dressed and we hope it was for you and yours too. So here's to looking back- and then looking forward- as we ring in the New Year!

Merry Outfits

Merry Movies
This month we continued the tradition of sharing classics perfect for the Christmas season (or, let's be real here- any time of the year! Great films are always watchable) with It's a Wonderful Life  and Judy Garland's hit Meet Me In St. Louis. The Cinema Style series showed off the contrasting styles of sisters in  A White Christmas and The Thin Man gave some New Year's Eve inspiration.

The Thin Man Outfit
Merry Plans
This month has been a busy one with many bitterly cold days! I've been continuing to find my feet with a new job (I now run a computer lab at an elementary for those who were asking. Because it is a school, you will almost never find me talking much about it in order to respect children's privacy). But there was still time for many of the events of the season- we shopped (maybe you did too, using some of the Gift Guides for Men, for Women, for Mothers, for Last Minute Stocking Stuffers, or shopping for the Greater Good?) and decorated our tree! We also found time to visit many of our dear friends! It is so funny; up until they arrived for our wedding last June so many of my friends I hadn't seen in over a year and now I've seen them all again in less than six months! A day out with one friend, breakfast with others, a dinner party for yet more.  We even attended a Christmas party for The Boy and I met lovely new people too (And it was relaxed enough I wasn't all nerved up and New People. A holiday miracle!).  I am so blessed to know so many to love.

Merry Finds

Inspired by the movie UP

Cleaning out your closet for the new year? Maybe this will help.

Unlocking the mysteries of a newly discovered ancient city

You can be rude, but it will cost you extra.

Women in the Media

Lisa's suspender outfit makes me swoon; Poor Little It Girl's plaid scarf does too.

Beauty of Mathematics

People of Color in European Art History

So, this perfectly sums up MY LIFE

A modern-day woman wears a corset and writes a tell-all book

Carrie is adorable in this, but if you prefer tart over sweet why not look at Anna's post-apocalyptic looks? 

Labels Against Women

Tourism in North Korea! Would you go?

Grammar has a new kid in town- The Prepositional Because. 

The Soubrette Brunette's adorable telephone outfit! <3

Google sums up 2013 in an inspiring video

Finally, start your New Year out right with these Five Ways to Do Good


  1. Hello Heracleion! Thanks for pointing out this ancient city discovery story. Really interesting.

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    1. Had a feeling you'd like that link :)

  2. Love the winter whites look - too perfect!
    Happy New Year!!!

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    1. Thanks Jessi- Happy New Year to you too.

  3. Aww Kristian, thank you for featuring my post! How sweet! I need to check out some of these finds immediately!! Happy happy 2014, my friend!

    xox Sammi

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  4. Hey! I made the list! Sweet <3 As an avid list maker, I appreciate (a) being on a list and (b) coming after corsets and before gender bias on said list. Thanks, man! :D

    - Anna

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    1. You B point made me laugh. I put all of this in the list randomly, but think there is some sort of irony to this now that you mention it.

  5. What a great list- thank you so much for including me! I was just catching up on email from when I was on vacation :) I'm off to check out the great reads!!

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  6. you do great roundup posts kristian! i like seeing a mix of outfits and interesting links. def going to check out the women labeling video.

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