Month in Review: February 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

February is known for being short, but cruel. Hopefully that's not been the case for you. Honest moment here: with a constant snow storms and both me and The Boy sick, it has been bit cruel for us. Only a little....Still,  I like to think there were many happy posts on Never Fully Dressed! Here are some lovely ones you'll not want to miss!

Lovely Outfits

February, outfits, never fully dressed, withoutastyle, remix, white sweater, popbasic, blue shirt, terrier sweater, wyoming, Black Skirt | Blue Shirt | Pencil Skirt 

February saw a lot of remixing layering pieces, including this Popbasic silk shirt and this cream, cropped sweater. 

Lovely Mail
This month, I shared some of my favorite fashion-inspired stationarymy thoughts on Popbasic's latest, the Sunday Collection; and how to write Letters to the Editor!

Lovely Movies
Classic comedy How to Marry a Millionaire had so much envy-inducing fashion that it inspired not one but two posts of Cinema Style (Here and here)!

Lovely Plans
Bad weather kept us homebound for most of the month, though we did manage one trip out of town. In the meantime, I tried a few of these ideas on things to do in February while other bloggers shared their small pleasures. This winter weather made cozying up with a good book just that much more appealing- why not try reading this month's Dogeared Page, The Tale of Desperaux? It was also a good month for celebration, since February marked the end of my second year of blogging   and the start of year three! The Boy also made Valentine's Day sweet with a special breakfast, flowers and a nice meal out- he felt a bit bad about having work that night, but I know he loves me 365 days a year, so can't complain about that!
Valentine ,Flowers, purple, bouquet,

Lovely Finds
I am obsessed with this blog lately. It's a good read for anyone interested in minimalism or a French Closet. 

Richard the III found under a parking lot

Underwear made in the USA

Erica is the most fashionable Hogwarts student; want this outfit in my life now.

Facebook knows when you've fallen in love.

A new way to think about trends.

My dad sent me this. Made me smile.

Wired Fox Terrier takes the West Minster Dog Show! (Stella is our WFT)

Doesn't Hannah look like she in the quintessential winter outfit? What about Sammi in this adorable Valentine's Day Look?

The Ethics of Ethnic Prints and Other Designs

In case you missed out- Jenna talked about Heart Month on Smitten every day this February

Tips for shopping for vintage 

Norwegians in winter. 

Am I the only one who hadn't heard of the Postmodern Jukebox?


  1. I absolutely loved the article on norwegians in winter!! one of my very best girlfriends lives in oslo with her husband so i of course had to send this to her and share my new knowledge :)

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    1. Don't you love the idea of public places having rugs/blankets for you etc? The whole article certainly made me think differently about winter.

  2. Loll thanks for the mention.
    Also, I'm in the middle of watching How to Marry a Millionaire with my mom and sis and the costumes are so gorgeous!

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  3. Being sick is no fun at all! But I'm glad you managed to have a good month otherwise :)
    I just got your sweet card in the mail yesterday and I must say it made my day!! Thank you!!

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  4. February is the month that you start "freaking out" and wishing Spring would just come. I adore your blog posts and am a new follower! Super cute indeed!

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    1. So excited to have you along!

      PS I love the title of your blog. I work in an elementary, so it reminds me of the children's book series Don't Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus!

  5. SO many wonderful posts you linked up to on here Kristian! thanks for sharing, i def have missed some of these and i'm excited to check them out. and hey, it was your 1st Vday married right? : ) hope March brings you both better health!

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    1. It was our first married V-day, which made it extra fun :D

      Thank you Dus!

  6. I'm sorry that February has been so rough. I hope March is much better!

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  7. I think Richard III is so interesting...

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    1. TIll this, I'd no idea they didn't know where he was buried. He is definitely an interesting figure. Have you read the Daughter of Time (since that is about him)? If so, would you recommend it?

  8. I just read the wardrobe detox post from the Into Mind blog revamping your closet series...this was so good! Wishing you a gorgeous March. Hope you are feeling better.

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  9. I love the way you've styled the popbasic shirt, and that knit is lovely.

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  10. oooh I am so sorry that you and the boy were sick this month. Here's to a lovely March!

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  11. LOVED the first look with the fisherman sweater and black midi skirt! These recaps are my favorite because I can catch up with anything I missed :)
    xo Hannah

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  12. Wow, I adore that black midi skirt - it looks fantastic on you!

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  13. You look so chic and fabulous in that black skirt! Totally "you", especially with that lipstick and a lovely necklace!

    Postmodern Jukebox? I had no idea. But it looks worth to find out!

    Have a great march!


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    1. Thank you Natalie!

      The Postmodern Jukebox is so clever and fun. My favorite is their doo-wap version of Ke$ha's Timber song...


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