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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Popbasic has just released their latest micro-collection, the Sunday Collection, ready to be mailed to your door. Longtime readers might recall other times I've mentioned this company (here, here, here and here), but for those of you unfamiliar here's the low-down. Popbasic creates micro-collections of women's wardrobe items. Each collection is a mix of basic, closet staples and "pop" or trend items. There are three items in each collection, usually one clothing piece and two accessories. Priced at eight-five dollars (with free, world-wide shipping), the Sunday Collection features a blue silk blouse, a silver ring, and silver bangle.

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I got this collection mostly for the blouse and it doesn't disappoint.  The color is more vibrant in person than the photos showed- clearly a rich blue, not black. I was also very pleased with the shirt's sizing on this collection; when I bought the Lost Collection, the shoulders of that shirt were a bit narrow (no measurements for the shoulders were given for either collection). But this shirt fit me perfectly based on the measurement chart; if you are unsure about what size to get though, I'd size up. The shirt's design means it is meant to be more loosely fitting and would drape in an elegant way.

Popbasic jewelry often ends up my most used items from any collection. Just like in past collections, the ring and bangle from this month's box are obviously high-quality. The bangle is large, but one expects that of bangles as you have to get your hand through. It is a simple and elegant piece, perfect for layering. I find myself constantly playing with it if it is on my wrist. Sadly, the ring only came in one size- a US size nine- and therefore falls right off all fingers including my thumbs. To be fair, the ring size is listed on the website, so I knew it was too big when I purchased the collection. Still, it is a bit baffling why the company didn't go for an adjustable ring design, or, if it must be sized, why they chose a ring size nine. The average ring size for a women is a size 6 and most jewelry stores use size seven for their display case rings. Hopefully as the company grows they will be able to offer at least one or two size choices should they have rings in their collections again.  In the meantime, I will see if resizing will be expensive or if, perhaps, I have a friend the ring might fit. It is a lovely ring after all!

My review for their first mirco-collection, The Beta Collection, was published almost a exactly one year ago and it has been so interesting to watch Popbasic grow since that time. They are a company I find myself loving not just because of the clothes, but because of how they treat customers. Customers are not just consumers but a community- I've always appreciated how Popbasic has a very active social media presence (mainly on Twitter and Facebook, though they have recorded a podcast or two) that asks for the opinion of its community. Many of the items and colors were chosen based on suggestions. Similarly, all of the style guides each collection comes with were made by Popbasic's customers (my own style guide for this collection is featured below). Having community isn't all about their product or product promotion though; co-founder Madeline Veenstra set up a pen-pal program and an online book club. Beyond the screen, she also sends hand-written notes in each parcel.

The company still exhibits its burst of growing pains, but all signs point to continued polishing of the brand, products, and message as they grow. My biggest wish is that the company soon finds a work flow that allows them to settle into a routine, one that so that customers know the date each month when a collection will be launched, even if the previous collection is not sold out yet. My other hope for Popbasic is already coming true- this year will see the launch of their permanent collection where you can buy individual items.
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So, have you purchased The Sunday Collection- or a previous collection- from Popbasic?What did you think? If you haven't tried Popbasic before, might you try it out? Share what you think in the comments below!

This is not a sponsored post; all opinions here are my own.


  1. I do love this classic set here. Honestly I don't buy much online. I always have a problem with fit, no matter how well I measure and since I live in Canada shipping returns are a big problem and cost loads of $. So if something doesn't fit I'm stuck with it AND we have horrible duty and taxes that are added to everything that comes across the border. Plus I love shopping in person. So although I know it's not for me I sure think my sister could use it.


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    1. Well, I can see why you don't do a lot of online shopping! Popbasic does do free international shipping, but, as you point out, doesn't cover any customs taxes etc. And due to the limited amounts, they don't officially do returns ( I will say though, from what I've seen via twitter the company seems very flexible and wanting to help out its customers with sizing issues). So, that might make it harder. Hopefully your sister tries and likes it, Suzanne :D

  2. Loved this review Kristian! That shirt is a perfect staple! I look forward to see it in an outfit ^^ xo

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  3. I echo your sentiments fully. I've only just gotten onboard popbasic and I want to kick myself for not getting onboard sooner. Like you said, it's not just the products but it's also the way they treat customers - with respect and integrity. It's rare to find online retailers exhibiting such highly-valued traits.

    Like you, I struggle with the ring as well. I wore it on my thumb and it slipped off as well. I've taken to wearing it on a long white gold necklace and it's shown up great against a dark coloured-garment. Give it a go! :)


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    1. Using it as a pendant is a good idea. I'll have to see if I have any chains to use...

      Thank you for the idea!

  4. I've ordered this collection, too, and can't wait to get it, but I am disappointed that the ring is so large...

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    1. I cannot wait to see how you style this Ashley :D

  5. I think popbasic is such a great idea. Especially for those that love classic, remixable pieces. This is a great shirt, and the outfit you built around it is lovely! I would wear every single piece for sure.

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