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Monday, February 17, 2014

February can be the doldrums of winter, but we can all take solace in enjoying life's small pleasures. For me, that means snuggling with puppies in the morning, pots and pots of tea, and- lately anyway- nail polish! Nail polish had never been my thing. It was always nail polish everywhere, all over fingers and chipping, but Popsugar sent out the most luscious red. Now I'm in love. How fun, how indulgent to take the time to put it on and, even if its a bit messy, just a glimpse of that red throughout the day is like a cheerful "Hello!" every time you see it.  Here's what several other lovely ladies advice to pick up your mood!
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Nikki of The Ginger Diaries said:
There are many small things I enjoy in life.  Sunday  evening walks through the city, browsing J.Crews new arrivals or that first breath of ice cold wind that touches your nose when you step outside. But my most favorite small pleasure must be a self-spoiling latte, preferably with hazelnut syrup. Yum! All coffeehouses in town serve them, and they come in great varieties. Basically what I'm talking about is a latte, with an abundance of whipped cream topped off with caramel sauce, chocolate treats, marshmallows or any type of candy you can think off. My favorite has Maltesers on top. Simply perfect!

Playing piano! Ever since I was about nine years old I have played piano by ear. I've never taken a formal lesson, yet it's one of my absolute favorite pastimes. If a day or two go by without sitting down and playing for 30 minutes are so, my day isn't complete! There is something so wonderfully rewarding about being able to make music.

Hannah the Braided Bandit writes:

I have quite a lot of little silly things that can make my day, but a really small thing that gives me great pleasure especially during the winter months is treating myself to a Vanilla Latte.  I know it may sound a bit cliche that I am using coffee to answer this question, but I usually try to make it at home, so the treat of getting a latte out once or twice a week really makes my whole morning!  I also live about one block behind my favorite coffee shop, so it makes it even more pleasurable trying to show restraint (and save money) on most days and really treating it like a more special occasion- an instant mood booster!  The runner up for small pleasure for me would be daily drop-in visits from the Dalai Lama, who just so happens to be my neighbor's big orange kitty!

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  1. I love that someone named their cat the Dalai Lama! LOL


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  2. I love your Q&A posts- it's always fun to learn a little more about people. I'm with ya Hannah- we always make coffee at home, so it feels like a treat to get something more decadent at a shop once in awhile ;)

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  3. Oh, I think Nikki's hazelnut lattes sound just right! It's great to hear about others' simple pleasures. <3

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  4. this just made my day reading about other's small pleasures :)

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  5. Thank you for sharing this thoughts! I try to focus on small pleasures recently, too, but sometimes it's a really hard work. And more about little things to appreciate - once I've discovered this project : 100happydays.com (it helps so much!)


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    1. What is the concept behind 100happydays?

  6. I can' believe I am JUST getting around to reading the other two answers! I am glad someone shares my love of lattes, though I have to say hers sound way more amazing than my simple vanilla one! Also, I used to play the piano all the time as a small pleasure, thats another great one! :)

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