What I Wore: Tomboy Style

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tomboy, snow, never fully dressed, withoutastyle, sweater, layers, popbasic shirt,
Tomboy, snow, never fully dressed, withoutastyle, sweater, layers, popbasic shirt, wyoming,
winter outfit, Tomboy, snow, never fully dressed, withoutastyle, sweater, layers, popbasic shirt,
winter outfit, wyoming, Tomboy, snow, never fully dressed, withoutastyle, sweater, layers, popbasic shirt,

What I Wore: Sweater (ASOS), Shirt (Popbasic), Jeans (Gap), Boots (Similar Here), Silver Bangle (Popbasic), Rope Bracelet (Popbasic; Similar Here) Watch (Modcloth; Similar Here)

What I love about this outfit is that it is a bit tomboyish- my father loves outfits like this and tried to convince us to wear them all the time. In fact, he even took my portrait in an outfit not unlike this one with a collared shirt popping out from under another layer, and my 17 year old self was mortified. What if someone came over and saw them? Times, they have changed. I want button-ups peeking out from warm, cozy layers like this all the time. 

Or maybe that's just the snow talking. 

This is my shirt from yesterday's Popbasic review. I'd hoped to show it to on it's own but it is just too darn snowy for that- and, well, cozy layers, as previously stated.  This cozy layer sweater is from ASOS. Confession- I meant to return this, not realizing how cropped it truly is, but things got busy and I got lazy and now the sweater is mine as the time for returns has come and gone. It's length has proven a challenge, but one that has worked out, in the end (right?)

I like to pretend that this is an outfit I could go adventuring in- snow shoeing or sledding or just tromping around. Truth is, I didn't do anything more adventurous than sip hot chocolate, but be real here- you do all that other stuff just so you can have hot cocoa, so why not cut to the chase? 


  1. I love the multi directional pattern on the sweater and you figured out a perfect way to style it. These are such great photos- you live in a pretty place!

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  2. i absolutely love this look kristian!! there def is some elegance to it for sure. so funny how our styles change over the years isn't it? and i really love the length of that sweater actually, and the pattern, & you look great in the cream color.

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  3. button-down shirt under a sweater? Nothing more perfect. It's actually the combo I wore to work today. :)



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    1. Oh, I hope to see that look on your blog then :)

  4. You are in a winter wonderland!

    Great classic outfit.

    I wanted to tell you I took your advice and watched How To Marry a Millionaire on the weekend : ) I adored the fashion!


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    1. Yay! I hope you enjoyed it; the fashion was my favorite part.

  5. I love this outfit. And how beautiful are those mountains? I hope you didn't have too much trouble getting up there for the shoot. It looks slippery! Anyway, what am I worrying about: love the layers and I'm glad you changed your mind about not wanting your shirt to peek out of your sweater. xo

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    1. I think it is sweet you worried about bad roads. As it happens, this is right outside of town and is only a small pull out road to some picnic grounds. The highway was clean :)

      Thank you Nikki!

  6. I remember your dad- "These looks are classic!"
    These photos make me want to get out in the snow! (Which I avoided the one day we had it.)
    The pic of you resting on your boots is my new favorite EVER

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  7. I'm in love with the multi directional textures in that sweater! So freakin' amazing <3 Beautiful location for these photos, too. Just gorgeous!

    - Anna


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  8. If this is tom-boy style, you should wear it more often!! ;) I love layered button-downs, and I think the colors in this outfit are really nice for winter.

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  9. You pull of this look so very well and I am dying at that photo of the mountain. How stunning!

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  10. I am jealous of the winter wonderland going on in these pictures haha. And I'm loving this tomboy look - that sweater is super cute.

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  11. hahah i like your hot chocolate no-nonsense! and i definitely act the same way when i have to return things through mail- i just find a way to deal with the item, sigh. but you seriously made the cropped sweater work! this tomboy look is super cute

    xo marlen
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