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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Japanese word for cute is "kawaii," and that's exactly what this box is! Filled with beauty, fashion, accessories, and home product items from Asians countries (mostly Japan and South Korea, according to their website), Q Box gets their products handpicked from an overseas team! Each box will have five to seven items, including at least one jewelry item. Boxes ship monthly, but order fast because there is a limited number that sells out quickly! These boxes are quite reasonably priced at $24.95  per month, or you can pay for three or six month subscriptions. There's also an option of getting a slightly cheaper "mystery box." Priced at twenty dollars, it will have five items, with no two boxes being alike! Be aware though, that whatever you purchase, you pay for upfront, including for multi-month subscriptions, rather than as a reoccurring bill.

AMerican, made, Made in USA, Subscription Box, state, Each month, a curated box of food and handmade goods will arrive at your door. Each box features items from a different state. Truthfully, I found this after discovering their first box had items from my home state of Wyoming. It had a bunch of great items to represent our state, so it is safe to assume this company does a fantastic job for all the states they pick. Right now, you can still purchase the Colorado box, the Arizona box, and the Virginia box. Included within is not only information about the companies that made the items you received, but also about other small businesses in that state you might be interested in buying from at a later date. Also, business owners or enthusiastic consumers can submit a product for consideration!  Each box is thirty nine dollars (less per box, if you get a three, six, or twelve month subscriptions). Based on previous boxes, I'd say the value of each box is about thirty-nine dollars too, but you are introduced to new items you might never have known about before!

fashion, subscription box, Each box sends you three accessories, and four beauty deluxe-sized samples as well as a fashion magazine- from Australia, which is where this company is based! The company promises a retail value of one hundred ten (Australian) dollars, but you pay only thirty-nine (Australian) dollars per box. Additionally, the company does free international shipping, which is a huge plus (though, naturally, it does not pay for additional fees or taxes). The boxes are somewhat customizable too. You can choose between three "style profiles" to get ""Classic," Feminine" or "Trendy" items. Each month too, you also can take a beauty survey to help the company decide what skin type you are; they then send you beauty samples to help you. Many items are in every box, of course, but it is impressive they undertake to survey its customers every month to get them the products they most need! This is a box that screams, fashion-forward and fun.

Each month, they create new boxes who's contents are based on different cities from all over America and the world. And, yes, you read that right- boxes, with the emphasis on the plural. While still aiming to keep the contents of boxes a surprise each month, this company let's you personalize, up to a point. You can choose between a "Mini City Explorer" box, which costs nineteen dollars, or a "Deluxe City Explorer" box, which costs about forty dollars. There is also the option of choose a "Little City Explorer" box too for a child in your life; it costs the same as the Deluxe box. Besides the prices point, the only difference between the two  main boxes is the amount of fun stuff in each box! Despite what size of box you choose, you can also specify gender and clothing size, should any of the items be clothing or other specific things. They've already had boxes with items from (and about) Los Angeles, San Francisco and New Orleans- it will exciting to see where they go with their
boxes next! In addition to all items being from the city of the month, they also try, as far as they are able, to ensure the companies are using sustainable practices.

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  1. omg I definitely need a kawaii subscription box!


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    1. It ships world-wide- free shipping too!

  3. Oh my gosh! This is so cool! I'm especially intrigued by the q box and city explorer!

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  4. I've never heard of any of these but they all look SO awesome! Thanks for putting them on my radar :)

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