Stationery Wishlist: Green Thumb

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Themed Stationary goods for a "green thumb" or greenery and plants. Includes a wooden postcard in 3D, notecards, hedge desk organizers, hedgehog paperholder, get well soon card, card, postcarden from Uncommon goods, garden postcard,

1. Postcarden from Uncommon Goods | 2. Get Well Soon Card | 3. Grasshopper Stapler from Anthropologie | 4. Hedge Desk Organizer from MoMA | 5.Terrarium Notecards from Modcloth | 6. Hedgehog Paperholder from MoMA | 7. Wooden Postcard in 3D

1. Postcarden from Uncommon Goods - These pop-up postcards are the perfect way to welcome spring, as the repeient can grow a garden inside of one! Plus, this is sold by Uncommon Goods, a company the strives to only have unique goods that either employ fair trade workers and/or donate. Truly a gift to keep on giving! 

2. Get Well Soon Card - This cheery card is the next best thing to sending flowers to a sick person (which isn't always an option depending on the hospital!). 

3. Grasshopper Stapler from Anthropologie - You'll feel like you're out of doors for just a minute with this whimsical stapler at your desk. 

4. Hedge Desk Organizer from MoMA - Bring the greenery indoors with this fun desk organizer! 

5.Terrarium Notecards from Modcloth- Your friend doesn't have a green thumb? Then send them this Terrarium card- a garden no one can kill! 

 6. Hedgehog Paperholder from MoMA - What would a hedge be without a hedgehog?! This adorable friend will help keep your papers and business cards organized. 

7. Wooden Postcard in 3D- An etsy product, this cool postcard is not only made out of wood, but also is a 3D puzzle! In addition to trees there are many varied shapes on the business' site. Check them out! 


  1. Wow, I love the first one! I love cards and things that can also be reused later. My sister used to give us gift tags at Christmas that would plant flowers as well and I thought it was the neatest thing.

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    1. I know, right?
      How neat to have tags like that too!

  2. love the hedgehog!

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  3. Really, some hospitals won't let you send flowers?! I'd be so disappointed :( And that pop up garden thing is so so charming. This whole set is just charming! I want it all.

    xo marlen
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    1. Well, The hospitals don't do that to be mean. Depending on the room or ward, flowers could be an allergy issue for the patient or others on the ward. Or, less commonly but still possible, if a patient is in ICU or an intensive recovery (like when my Grandma was recovering from something and a norovirus was making the rounds through their wing, they didn't allow visitors and restricted what went back to the patients for fear of what germs are brought in) the they might limit what outside things are in the rooms.

  4. Modcloth does it again---I love the unique flask-shape of their cards (and they're not too expensive either! My inner stationary nerd rejoices). Also,I want that first pop-up postcard for myself to create a mini-garden on my desk.


    Another Beautiful Thing

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