Cinema Style: Rear Window

Friday, April 18, 2014

Rear Window (read the full review here), among other things, is a story about the tension of love- the give and take of the indivdual. Can this person fit into my life? Grace Kelly stars alongside James Stewart in this thriller as a glamourous socialite and her adventure-seeking photographer boyfriend. Though Kelly wears only seven costumes thoughout the movie each one is a stunner, as is hinted at early in the film when Stewart's character quips that she never wears the same dress twice.
Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 9.51.12 PM
Shirt (Popbasic), Skirt (Similar Here), Necklace (Debenham), Bracelet (J. Crew), Purse (Amazon), Shoes (Old Navy), Belt (Similar Here)

Such glamour can be hard to pull off in the every day, especially the decant glamour of 1950s couture. But you can marry the elegant with the everyday when emulating Kelly's first costume, a New Look dress with a full tulle skirt. Making it two separate pieces instead of a dress, and using simple flats in the place of heels help make the ensemble more casual. Add pearls- larger and more statement-making than  Kelly's discreet ones- to keep it feminine, but modern. Now, you're ready for anything: murders, adventure- or a night in reading fashion magazines, which ever you prefer!

With it's sleek lines emphasized with a pencil skirt (another of Doir's New Look creations), this light green suit gives Grace Kelly a whole other type of glamour. You could wear this out- or into the office. Use mint green to give it a more modern flair, but don't be afraid to include some playful retro elements too. Some fun shoes and an outerwear jacket that matches the skirt gives a cheeky nod to the 50s time period that inspired the outfit.
Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 9.51.31 PM
Jacket (She Inside), Skirt (Jane Norman London), Shirt (White House | Black Market), Shoes (Modcloth), Belt (Debenham), Earrings (Oliver Bonas)


  1. I loved this movie and was delighted with the fashion. Your polyvore set is a great updated version.


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  2. This is one of my favorites. Really enjoy these posts and your suggestions and your modern take on the style.

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  3. Such a good movie - and I'd feel so elegant in all your choices!

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  4. We watched this in our Figure Drawing class because the poses and the framing of the scenes were just so incredible throughout the whole movie. I adore these outfits that you made based on GK's outfits, ahh!

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