Popbasic Ashbury Collection Review

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Popbasic is a company that mails  monthly micro collections; a micro collection consists of three women's wardrobe items. Each box will cost between fifty and one hundred dollars. April's Ashbury Collection contains the Gwyn Collar Necklace,  a Vegan Leather Skirt, and a Black Tank Top, costing seventy dollars. Now, I'm gonna level with you- I really wavered over whether to purchase this collection or not.

Here's real reason I had been hesitant about this box. Skater skirts or pencil skirts in leathers? Those are a-okay in my book, A knee-length, paneled one? It was a combination I'd never seen before. Would it be too heavy? Too wrinkly? I had two other black, midi skirts, did I really need another?

If you've worried about any of the above, put those worries to rest. The skirt is cute- and comfortable. Using panels instead of pleats added visual interest with no additional weight. The skirt is lined, so none of the vegan leather rubs. The collection also includes a card sharing how to care for your skirt to get any wrinkles out (and yes, the instructions work fine). This was an especially nice touch, since this skirt was not the first tricky-to-care for item Popbasic has released. Hopefully, future boxes will also send care instructions when needed! And, okay, I probably, in the strictest sense of the word, didn't need another black midi skirt, but it is fun to style. The different texture adds an unexpected element, juxtaposing the feminine shape of a midi skirt with the tough persona of leather. Plus, it is often the items I was initially the least sure about that I end up liking the best! I'm already getting the idea that's happened this time too.

The Gwyn Collar Necklace is actually a reprisal from a much earlier collection (The Sherwood Collection to be exact). When the Sherwood was for sale, I'd written the necklace off as something that might look a little too much as if it was purchased from Marie Claire. Au contraire- after later seeing a friend's Gwyn Collar Necklace, I realized that the weight and quality of the piece shone through, giving a playful, even decadent air; it was exciting to see this beauty back again. (by the by, if you purchased the Sherwood collection and want to avoid a duplicate necklace, contact Popbasic co-founder Madeline Veenstra. You can work to get it sans necklace).

The basic black tank top that rounds out the collection is just that- a basic no one should be without. In fact, you might already have a black top (or seven) in your closet. Why one more? Well, you can never have too many for one thing. For another, though a hundred percent cotton, it feels silky-smooth, and follows the lines of your body without being clingy. And if you were worried about plunging necklines, well, this one is a pretty typical neckline, so if most tanks are too low cut for you, proceed with caution, but for most this will not be too immodest.

This collection was the first to be released on the company's new schedule (new collections will be released the first or second of every month now). It also saw the return of the lifestyle surprise item, a small beauty product or sample that's also sent in the box, along with a postcard from Madeline, a styling guide, and the collection itself. This month we got two surprise items. A coupon for Wade and Belle Not too Tights (especially nice for those in the Southern Hemisphere entering fall), and a sample packet from Pinrose Scents. Pinrose Scents creates scents change after certain amounts of time pass (and psst- here's a hint. If you haven't tried this company before, they will send you three free samples, so check them out!)

Popbasic didn't fail to deliver with their Ashbury Collection. You can still purchase it too; plus Popbasic will be putting the first of their permanent collection up sometime soon!


  1. I love that skirt! I can't wait to see you wearing this.


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  2. I'm so glad you got that box because that skirt is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see all the outfits you come up with it- I really like the idea of juxtaposing it with some lace, like how you did in that one look. And I'm a huge fan of those clunky rhinestone necklaces. I think they look really fun with casual outfits :)

    Awesome review!

    xo marlen
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    1. I'm excited for the skirt, it seems way more remixable than I originally thought for sure.

      I'd love to see you in some costume or costume inspired jewelry. You always do such neat things with clothes, it'd be interesting with jewelry too!

  3. That skirt is SO pretty, and that length always looks so good on you!
    xo Hannah


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