Presenting: Anna of Melodic, Thrifty and Chic

Monday, April 14, 2014

Let me introduce, if you don't already know her, one of my favorite bloggers, Anna from Melodic, Thrifty, and Chic. It seems right now, many bloggers (including myself) moving towards more simplicity in dress.

Anna is not that way. Her outfits are complex, and compelling. They are reflective of many moods and styles.  We throw around the term "sartorial choice" a lot, but everything Anna does really is based on a sartorial choice; in a way, her outfits are art because they are always saying something.

One day, she might be dressed in what she terms "post-apocalyptic fashion;" on another she is in rainbow-bright colors. She might be a bit punk one day, and wearing something with a print like Grandma's couch the next. I feel like she aims for beyond pretty and gets interesting instead.

Likewise, conversations about clothes with her (which, of course, style bloggers tend to talk about from time to time!) are analytic and smart, which makes her blog all that more fun to follow. Check her out for yourself :) 

P.S. In addition to fantastic outfits, you'll also find through reviews of shops on her site, as well as music. Plus, she runs a great monthly series about other bloggers; this month she was nice enough to feature me. Thanks Anna.



  1. So nice that you featured Anna! She does have the wildest most eclectic inspiring style. I always pick up some little unique details from how she puts together her looks.


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  2. Oh wow- I love these looks you've featured, I need to check out her blog! Great feature- it's always fun to learn about other bloggers!

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  3. Love that you're doing blogger features! I really enjoy Anna's blog; she has such a fun, unique sense of style that's always exciting to see.

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  4. I've been following Anna's instagram for a while now exactly because of her uniqueness. The type of inspiration I get from Anna is less to do with outfit styling and more to do with dropping any fears I might have of expressing my individuality through the way I dress.

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  5. Oh wow - killer style right here! IN LOVE!

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  6. great blogger! such unique and inspiring looks!

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  7. Oh, Kristian! I am indebted to your eloquence! You are so kind! Thank you for this! All of the comments make me smile, too. I'm so happy! <3

    - Anna

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  8. Her style is ridiculously awesome.

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