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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pink, pants, shoshone, wyoming, never fully dressed, sammydress, product review,

Pink, pants, shoshone, wyoming, never fully dressed, sammydress, product review, Pink, pants, shoshone, wyoming, never fully dressed, sammydress, product review, Pink, pants, shoshone, wyoming, never fully dressed, sammydress, product review, What I Wore: Pants (c/o Sammydress), Shirt (Similar Here), Sweater (Old Navy; Similar Here), Shoes (Old Navy), Watch (Modcloth; Similar Here), Bracelet (Popbasic; Similar Here), Necklace (Vintage; Similar Here)

When Sammydress offered to send me an item for reviewing purposes a while back, I was a little skeptical, but after checking out some of other bloggers' experiences with them (all had positive ones), I decided to go for it. Their company sells fashions popular in Asia for low prices. Since I have been on the look out for some new work pants, I got these babies. 

To be honest, they are not quite what I was expecting as far the fabric goes- they have an almost silk look to them. But, in a way, that makes them seem even dressier than the Khaki fabric I thought they were. Plus, the pants are comfortable and fit quite well! The only downside is that the buttonhole for the pants is not aligned quite with the where the zipper is, so that the zipper can be seen, but I think that can be fixable. These pants sell for about twelve dollars, plus shipping, on the their site, which is pretty impressive. The exchange for the price is that the shipping is not fast, but then again, it is coming a long ways away. There are some absolutely adorable items on their site, and I would purchase from them again. Have you used Sammydress? What'd you think? 

Fact is, these pants were so comfy, they were what I wore for our day-long road trip across the state. We stopped in Shoshoni for photos after passing this perfectly pink wall. Shoshoni is one of many little towns that dot Wyoming that are not quite- but almost are- ghost towns with populations at less than 100 or even 50 people. While a few buildings are kept up and are well-used, such as the school and gas station, many buildings are falling apart, and sit abandoned. Growing up, this building housed the best milkshakes in the state (they had bummer stickers to prove it too), but newspaper now covers most of the windows and dust gathers on the sign. Too bad when it has such interesting details like the pink cherubs and stained glass. I rather like that about road trips though, what little oddities and forgotten history grows old and forgotten. Others we passed by on this trip include a museum literally in the middle of nowhere for the largest pit of dinosaurs, the Virginian (from the novel of the same name), and Hell's Half Acre. 


  1. Pink pants- I love them! Alex


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  2. I love all the pink (obviously!)

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  3. Love that first photo. How brilliant you came across a pink wall : )

    Your arm candy is pretty cool too.


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  4. i would love to take a trip around and visit some of those almost but not quite yet ghost towns. my dad has an article hanging up outside of his hometown that is like that.

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  5. Aw, I get so sad when I see businesses close down like that. There was this little bakery in my hometown that my mom, sisters, and I would go to after school every once in a while and then it closed and it was like a part of my childhood was gone!
    Those pants are so great. I really love the soft color of them and trousers that you can travel in? What a win! I could never buy pants online because I would be worried they wouldn't fit, but these seem to fit you so well!

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  6. love love the soft colors and textures in these photos! that one in the middle really caught my eye, I'm obsessed with how color and texture holds your eye on an image right now :)

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  7. I love the backdrop- it's perfect for this look! I had a good experience with them too. You were brave to order pants and they look great on you! :)

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  8. What a perfect location for these pictures! I like your pants, and I really like how you paired them with flats and a slouchy, casual top.

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  9. I really like how you styled these pants! I've had the same experience with some overseas companies as well where the material just wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I first made the order. Love how you turned lemons into lemonade in this situation :)


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  10. Cozy, simple and chic <3

    - Anna


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  11. I think you mean bumper stickers instead of bummer stickers

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    1. Yes, I do. Thanks for pointing that out, Ginge! :)

  12. Neat wall! Neat outfit! I remember drinking shakes there once- never a favorite treat of mine, but they did a good job with getting you jazzed up about it.

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