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Friday, June 13, 2014

Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy were a movie-making match made in heaven. Pat and Mike (See full review here) was the seventh out of nine films made together, and was a script written just for them; supposedly the writers were inspired after seeing some of Katherine Hepburn's natural athletic talent. Though the film follows the athlete- slightly frumpy, easily frazzled Patricia Pemberton (played by an aging Hepburn), it still has it's own share of fashion "wins."
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Pants (Revival Vintage), Chambray Shirt (Westfield; Similar Here), Undershirt (Pieces), Belt (Spencers), Bracelets (Popbasic; Similar Here), Loafers (Modcloth)

In the very first scene of movie, we see a slacks wearing Hepburn  get scolded for her outfit; they are on their way to convince some very rich and very conservative possible donors to give to their school. What would they think of a woman in slacks? In fact, this reflects Hepburn's real life fashion tendencies and more than once studio execs threatened to steal her "dungarees" as a way to forcer into a dress! Rather than come across as wild or uncouth, today sporting the 40's wide swing pants, will convey both comfort and style.
Pat and Mike, outfit, pants, swing pants, sporty, cinema style, movie, film,

One fun draw of the film for movie-goers on it's release were all the real life sport stars who played themselves in cameos. One such athlete was "Gorgeous Gussie" Moran. A famous tennis player at the time, she'd worn a tennis outfit with a short skirt while still an amateur playing her first time at Wimbledon. The wind gave audiences and eyeful of her frill underthings, causing no end of embarrassment for Moran. She changed her turn when she turned pro though, realizing her look was a draw, and even gave little twirls to the photographs!  Your looks will be a draw too, in this white frock with a mini-skirt from Trashy Diva. Pair it with white tennis shoes for a preppy look Moran would be proud of!
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Dress (Trashy Diva), Shoes (Wet Seal), Flower Hair Pin (H&M)


  1. Hepburn is supposed to be aging in that movie?! She looks flawless. And the tennis star twirling made me smile- way to embrace that! I especially love the wide leg trousers you featured here, they look so sophisticated and comfy. Very Katherine-esque.

    xo marlen
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    1. In close-ups you can see the lines on her face, which, to be fair, I think they play up to give her a more "frazzled" look (same with very frizzed hair in the beginning); they were less noticeable at the end, when she was with the right man! But I kind of like that she is rather gorgeous no matter her age and that they have rom coms with older couples (well, one assumes at least a bit older. Hepburn plays a widow).

  2. What a cute and great post! It's crazy to think what society must have thought of the women wearing slacks back then... I can't remember whether or not that would have been frowned upon? Anyway, thank you for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend:)
    xo Olivia

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  3. Love those pants! I haven't seen this movie, but it sounds good :)

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  4. I try not to purchase white dresses (I always get them dirty) but the dress you chose is so pretty. I've never shopped at Trashy Diva but now I'm regretting going to their website haha!

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  5. You can only imagine how much I love this post, particularly the trousers look. I would wear that outfit all the time if I had it! I so wish I could find a pair of swing trousers that weren't so spendy, but the pair you showed here are beautiful. I love Hepburn and this makes me want to watch this movie!

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  6. You're so good at finding just the right pieces to capture the spirit of these film costumes! Also, I need to find this movie now. :-)

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  7. Movies have created a way of speaking that filtered through the youth of the nation and actually stuck for quite awhile. We still get new phrases from them.

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