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Monday, June 23, 2014

As of yesterday, the Boy and I have been married for one year! Maybe it is nostalgia or awareness of the time gone, but I've noticed lately that so much of our day fall into patterns of daily rituals, sometimes small and ordinary; sometimes very meaningful. I'll anticipate that first cup of tea in the morning, or laugh at the daily antics of The Boy feeding the dogs (it is quite the production, let me just say). But what about you? What daily rituals make up your life? These five bloggers shared a peek at their life....
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Vanisha of A Life of Unstyled writes: 
My days vary so much. Juggling different family members, countries, time zones and schedules is tricky but I find that one thing we do every day, without fail, is to think about what we're grateful for. This takes place at various levels. As an individual, I've kept a grateful journal for years where I jot down what I'm grateful for in point form. As a couple, Patrick (my husband) and I have each written a line a day (about our marriage and how we feel about each other) since the day we got married. Over 2000 days later, we haven't missed a day! As a family, each evening we talk about what we're grateful for and what we're disappointed about. It's one of those rituals that we maintain even if we aren't physically together. I think my daily ritual is really about being conscious of what is really happening around me and how I am feeling. I'm thankful that this is something I have being able to pass down to my family. Today I'm thankful that Kristian has invited me to be part of her beautiful space. 

Marisa of Shades of Monet Chronicles says:
I would definitely consider myself to be a pretty routine kind of person, however with two small boys running and crawling around the house, it can throw any kind of routine, let alone time for myself off kilter a bit depending on the day and the adventure.  With that being said, one daily ritual I absolutely, positively make time for each and every day is sitting down in the  morning in my music room with my cup of coffee nearby and playing my instruments.  I've played piano from the age of 5, so it's pretty much in my veins to love and enjoy making music.  At the moment I've really been throwing myself into practicing my accordion and writing music on my ukelele, but sometimes there's nothing like slapping the bass to a pop song or getting lost in Mozart on the keys.  Above all, it really just calms me, centers me, and gets my day started off on an upbeat note...no pun intended. 

Shades of monet chronicles

Photo curtesy of Shades of Monet Chronicles

Nikki of The Ginger Diaries shares: 

One of my daily rituals? I think I have a rather romantic one I want to share today. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years. Because we're both still in college, living together isn't in our plans just yet and therefor we don't see each other every day. For 5 years, each night we've texted each other goodnight and send a kiss through the telephone. We haven't missed a single evening, not even if we had a fight that day. Maybe these text messages have become a routine, they definitely haven't lost their meaning to me. 

Marlen of Message on a Napkin says: 
My daily ritual is one I'm sure a lot of us share: making that first cup of coffee in my favorite flower printed mug. I've tried a bunch of times to wean myself off of the good stuff, but I think it's time I faced the facts. It's never going to happen. I remember one time I bought a fancy new creamer (something Girl Scout cookie flavored) and the night before I couldn't fall asleep because I was  so excited  to try it out the next morning. I laid there, staring at the ceiling, counting down the minutes like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. I mean, that's a special kind of crazy, haha! But I think I mostly look forward to it because of the whole ritual that goes around drinking that first cup. You sit in your jammies at the kitchen table, the hush of the morning coming in through the open deck doors, flipping through the newspaper as you slowly ease yourself into the day. It's lovely. 

Jen of Jenni Hseih tells us: 

My main daily ritual is listening to Spotify every morning right when I wake up, mainly on the weekdays before work, to get myself in the right mindset. It helps me drag my tired self out of bed, especially on those late nights and early mornings. Spotify actually has some awesome pre-made playlists and my favorites are "Smooth Morning" and "Cool, Calm, & Collected". Without those I'd probably end up being that really grumpy person on the subway. 

Photo curtesy of Jenni Hseih

What about you? Share with us some of your daily rituals in the comment section below!


  1. Yay! Marlen! I love when I see bloggers I love being features on blogs I also love. So it's a lot of love going around. ;)

    Congrats on the one year! I remember when the man and I hit the one-year mark -- it felt like we'd been together forever and not long enough. It's still that way.

    A ritual? Well, I'm a control freak so I like my rituals. My morning one is get up, brush teeth and hair, put on moisturizer, get dressed, put on mascara, make coffee, watch coffee sit around and get cold while I finish my makeup. XD



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    1. Thank you!

      Your "ritual" of ignoring your coffee for your make up made me smile :)

  2. First of all: happy anniversary! It feels like the past year has flown by!

    Jenni's ritual is one I love to do too, but for me it's iTunes radio, haha. Music cures my bad morning mood, and kick starts my day! xo

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  3. This is a sweet little post... I love reading about the lives of other fellow bloggers. I think we are all "creatures of habit".

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    1. Yes, our lives definitely make most of us creatures of habit!

  4. Loved reading everyone's rituals. Marlen being excited about her new creamer is something I can totally relate to hahaha! Happy 1 year anniversary to you and Amos xoxo!

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  5. Such a fun idea for a post.

    After being married for 23 years...oh yeah...I'm that old...the one ritual that we've gotten into the last 10 years or so is me making breakfast and taking it up to my husband in his office. He usually drinks his coffee while shaving so it saves him time. We don't have time to have the breakfast together, but I know that he appreciates that I take the time to do it for him.


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    1. Suzanne, I think that is very sweet and thoughtful! My friend usually makes her husband breakfast too, and I know he appreciates it too.

  6. this is amazing. I love that each couple has something different. Often, we don't get to know about these kinds of things since we're obviously not there. But, they are so sweet and charming. What a great post!

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  7. Aww happy one year, Kristian!! It was so nice seeing the inspiration of this post :)

    And it was so sweet to look into everyone's routines- I love how Marisa plays her instruments every morning and how Nikki sends kisses over the phone (even when she's mad!) It's so fun to get little peeks like this into the bloggers that I read!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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  8. Happy 1 year anniversary Kristian!

    It's so interesting to see everyone's routines....loved it! Marlen's made me chuckle about the creamer. I'm the same way when it comes to my coffee too, hehe. And my hubs nearly does the same thing that Jen does every morning...he has Pandora and the headphones on before I come downstairs for breakfast, before starting his day. We are truly creatures of habit!

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  9. I love this. I love reading about people's "normal days", not sure why it's so interesting to me, but I find it fascinating!

    Since I started working 8-5, my M-F do tend to be pretty routine. like most, my morning routine involves that first cup of coffee (that I look forward to!) and lots of music to get my day started!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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