Stationery Wishlist: From Midas' Desk

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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1. Scallop Stationary | 2. Gold Doilies | 3. Card | 4. Kate Spade Notebook | 5. Desk Tray | 6. Gold and Silver Twine | 7. Pencils

1. Scallop Stationary - All the glitters can be gold, with this stationary set. So beautiful it will be sure to brighten anyone's day. So go on, write them a letter!

2. Gold Doilies - Make a letter from you even more special with these dreamy things wrapped around them and tucked  into an envelope.

3. Card - Time is short; remind the people you love to chase their dreams with this card.

4. Kate Spade Notebook - Got a great blogging idea? Research for that article you're writing? A grocery list for your dinner party? Jot all those thoughts down in this polka dot laden notebook!

5. Desk Tray - An organized desk is a beautiful one. Keep tabs on everything by using this tray to sort what's what.

6. Gold and Silver Twine - Julie Andrews sang about one of her favorite things- packages all tied up in string? Make even more favorite by making that string gold-and-twine.

7. Pencils- For those hard days, somtimes you just need a little remind to Be.... !


  1. Oooh that's such pretty stationary! It would also make for a beautiful dress pattern or fabric:)
    xo Olivia

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  2. WANT the wire basket, pencils and stationary. All too cute!


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  3. I want ALL of these things! I love adding a bit of gold to my desk.

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