What I Wore: A Love Story

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

dotted, black and white, shorts, wyoming, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,
black and white, dotted, polka dots, shorts, weddings, anniversary,never fully dressed, withoutastyle,

What I Wore: Shorts (Old Navy; Similar Here), Shirt (Popbasic; Similar Here), Bolero (Target), Shoes (Similar Here), Necklace (Similar Here)

This past weekend has been all about love. We travelled over the mountains to help celebrate the marriage of a dear, old friend of mine as she wed. I've known this girl since before I can remember, which you just can't say about a lot of people. It was a lovely, intimate gathering in her parents' woodland backyard followed by dancing and much laughter. The rain burst out just before the ceremony, but then the sun came out and held out until just after the reception. Everything glistened as they only can when it rains then shines. I got to see some people I hadn't since high school, and caught up with another dear friend (she, the bride and I all grew up in the same neighborhood, climbed the same trees, went to the same school. That's life in a small town). We are wishing you the very best in this new phase of life, Dori!

The next day was my and The Boy's own first anniversary! It feels like it's been a lifetime and that it's only been a week. Perhaps that is the best way for it to be- you can't imagine things without someone but are always feeling like there are new depths to be found.

 Admittedly, we spent most of that way in car, and that's where this outfit comes in (I know you're here for the clothes. It's okay). These shorts are a new addition, picked up from Old Navy for the summer months. They feel a little more dressy than my other shorts but are even more comfortable- perfect for a day of driving through mountains. Yeah, I might be a little in love with these shorts too.  I kept things easy with a black and white palette, adding the pearls for a bit of something fun.

As for what I wore to the wedding- you'll have to keep an eye out. What would you- or have you- worn to a wedding?


  1. Weddings for me always means a chance to buy a new dress :) Not like I need more! And there's the inevitable cardigan or wrap to go along with it, although for that I try to draw from my closet rather than buying a whole new outfit.

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    1. I think it is fun that you buy new things for a wedding. It is nice to get something for a fun event like that!

  2. I absolutely love your shorts, the little dots are adorable! And happy anniversary, a drive through the mountains sounds like a wonderful way to spend it.

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  3. The shorts are super cute and I love the contrast of blue on black <3

    - Anna


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  4. aw yay. wedding season is upon us. We just attended a wedding recently, too. It reminds me of the happiness a couple can share on their special day and I love seeing everyone being happy for them, too. =)


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  5. How fun. Those shorts are cute but I really can't wait to see what you wore to the wedding! : )


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    1. Oh! I feel I'm setting you all up to be underwhelmed! I'll be sharing it on a friend's blog while SHE'S away getting married too, but it is actually a variation on an outfit I've shared here before...

      Anyway, thank you!

  6. Happy Anniversary! By the way, the necklace is fabulous :)

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  7. Awww congrats to Dori, and I love how you described your friendship with her (climbing the same trees :)) And that's so fun that your anniversaries are only a day apart now!

    And I can't wait to see what you wore to the wedding. I surprisingly never go formal- I always choose something with a burst of flowers or with lace/boho touches. I'm curious to see what you wore!

    xo marlen
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    1. I'll be sharing what I wore on Jana's blog later this week, though it is actually a variation of something I've worn before...

      Wyoming is VERY much a not-fancy-dress place,; I'm not even sure what formal attire at a wedding would even look like. Gowns? I like the idea of a bit of lace or florals! This wedding was outdoors (her parent's backyard, but it is a mountain woodland backyard). So we dressed nicely but were all in flats :)

  8. How cool you have a similar anniversary with a close friend! Happy anniversary to you as well! We got married in March, which is a common wedding month here in AZ and we've had friends get married within a week of our anniversary the last 4 years :) I love these shorts on you! Again- I'm surprised by the Wyoming cacti!

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