Cinema Style: Beach Party

Friday, July 25, 2014

The epitome of kitschiness, of summertime, of- good, clean fun, Beach Party (full review here) was a breakaway hit of 1962. The film follows the shenanigans of American Teens at the beach scene. If you dig the beach too, it's easy to get their look. Star Annette Fumicello, under contract to Disney, wasn't allowed to wear anything too racy. A high-waisted, pink bikini kept things classy- and she still had guys (literally) falling for her all the time! To complete the Beach Party surf-scene, don't forget your board and retro radio. Add some more modern elements with a little something to protect your phone. Then grab some colorful accessories and plenty of towels, and you're ready to go!
Beach Party, bikini, 1960s, retro swimwear, Bikini Top (Nordstrom), Bikini Bottom (Nordstrom), Bracelets (Lipsy), Phone Case (Rifle Co.)
Annette, Beach Party, surfer, bikini,
Not even the gang a the beach can spend all their time in bikinis! America's Sweetheart Annette donned high waisted shorts like these paired with a form fitting tank for a relaxed look. This surfer girl adds some sandals and shades. She'll back some colorful towels and whatever else she might need for the beach in a roomy tote too.
look, clothes, fashion, beach, party, film, movie, Annette, 60s,

Shirt (Trashy Diva), Shorts (Modcloth), Shoes (Urban Outfitters), Belt (Wet Seal), Bag (Kelly and Katie)


  1. LOVE THESE! I am a vintage bathing suit kinda girl.

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  2. I've always loved your knowledge of classic movies and how you use them as an inspiration for blog post. This was yet another fun post, that has brought me in a full-on beach-day mood! xo

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  3. Never seen it, but LOVE these cute inspiration boards!

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  4. That pink bathing suit is just perfect! Plus I'm loving those white sunglasses.

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  5. Haha, my mom talks about watching those beach party movies as a kid. Annette was so cute - and I love all your modern choices here. <3

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  6. The pink bikini is so pretty! I love swimsuits with a retro feel :)

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  7. I really love both of these sets. So bright and colorful - which is right up my alley :-) When I think of Annette Fumicello and the beach, I automatically hear the "Beach Blanket Bingo" theme song in my head. Have you ever seen that one? It's pretty corny but I kind of love it.

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    1. I have! It is one I really love. I chose to review Beach Party because it was the first of the series but Beach Blanket Bingo might be my favorite :D

  8. That pink suit is to DIE for!

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  9. These are so cute, oh my goodness!!

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  10. Cute! I love the old radio too

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  11. Yea I've been to the beach thousands of times and never had a guy fall at my feet- sigh. haha but LOVE this post- i'm definitely prone to gravitate towards high waist bikinis, and I can't get over that cute high waist plus structured tank beach outfit. that'd be my kind of cover up! I'm actually going on a beach weekend trip next friday, so I'm off to the mall to find something similar ;)

    xo marlen
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