Stationery Wishlist: In Black and White

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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1. Dog Paper Holder | 2. Glass Print Phone Case | 3. Glasses Pencil Pouch | 4. Bobby Pin Card | 5. Envelope Liners | 6. Whale Stapler

1. Dog Card Holder - This guy looks just like my little dog, Max. And he'd be just as cute on your table as this  card holder would be too. 

2. Glass Print Phone Case - You know I like me some glasses, especially great, big black ones like in my logo- or like on this phone case. 

3. Glasses Pencil Pouch - More glasses equal more fun, right? Plus, you can keep yourself organized on the go! 

4. Bobby Pin Card- Back when we first started dating, The Boy showed me this photo of a single bobby pin on the floor with a man's caption reading, "So it begins," and he's laughed said that was what finding bobby pins reminded him of. Of how we were becoming more part of each other's lives. And if that story isn't enough to sway you to get this card- well, it's a bobby pin card. What more do you need?! 

5. Envelope Liners- Envelope liners used to strike me as unneeded. A bit frivolous. But you know what? Seeing a card all done up nicely and just for you, makes getting mail even more nice. Make someone feel extra special with a liner like these. 

6. Whale Stapler- Have you read Moby Dick? Yeah, me neither. But I still like this stapler! 


  1. hahah the "and so it begins" is hilarious. and those envelopes are mesmerizing, so so pretty!

    xo marlen
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  2. Yes to all of these picks!

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  3. That glasses iphone case is amazing! :D


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  4. lol @ the moby dick--I've read parts of it for literature but yeah, never the whole thing. :P Either way I love whale-related things because my last name in Norweigen means whale.

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    1. I didn't know that was what your name meant! Cool.

  5. Oh man I love that dachshund letter holder!

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  6. Gah, I love all of this! I never thought I'd see the need for envelope liners, but those are so cute.

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  7. That stapler is the cutest! I really need to jazz up my stationary collection.

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  8. The whale stapler is SO cute! And the envelope liners look pretty as well, but I'm not sure I'd actually use them, haha. xo

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