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Monday, August 18, 2014

Pooh, house at pooh corner, children's book,
Illustration by Ernest H. Shepard

Suddenly Christopher Robin began to tell Pooh about some of the things: People called Kings and Queens, and something called Factors, and a place called Europe, and an island in the middle of the sea where no ships came, and how you make a Suction Pump (if you want to), and when Knights were Knighted, and what comes from Brazil. And Pooh, his back against one of the sixty-something trees, and his paws folded in front of him, said "Oh!" and "I didn't know," and thought how wonderful it would be to have a Real Brain which could tell you things. And by-and-by Christopher Robin came to an end of the things, and was silent, and he sat there looking out over the world, and wishing it wouldn't stop. 

-The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne


  1. I think my love of forests may have come from reading Winnie the Pooh. Just maybe.

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  2. "And wishing it wouldn't stop." This is just so charming and full of wonder. It makes me miss the way I used to think as a kid. So much magic everywhere :)

    xo marlen
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  3. Such brilliant writing. It never grows old.


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  4. I hated Pooh when I was little. But now, time goes by, and I totally admire his wisdom! Thank you for sharing this lovely quote.

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  5. this is totally random but i have a pair of Pooh pj shorts from 5th grade going strong still! well, minus a big rip that recently happened and I need to mend, but they've fared all this long great. with all that to say i was clearly a Pooh fan as a kid : ).

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