In August, Why Don't You...

Friday, August 1, 2014

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Have a garage sale

Participate in a water fight

Go through your to-mend basket and either mend or throw out every item

Visit a National Park

Start your morning with a croissant

Make a giant scrabble game to play outside

Change the oil in your car

Purchase a floppy hat to keep those rays at bay

Host a barbecue

Celebrate your REAL (and only!) 29th birthday


  1. Is it your birthday month? Happy birthday! <3

    Starting the day off with a (or multiple) croissant(s) sounds perfect. ;-)

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  2. The mend basket one is calling my name... Happy birthday month to you- August birthday buddies! I wish mine was 29 too ;)

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  3. I agree with Anna... multiple croissants is the way to go. Happy 29th!

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  4. A croissant is an excellent way to start the morning! Happy 29th!

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  5. aww i like the "start your morning with a croissant" one. and it's funny that you should mention my mending basket, because im going to do just that today! enough is enough ;)

    xo marlen
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