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Monday, August 11, 2014

Now, I've shared with you what clothes are on my shopping list and showed plenty of new purchases, so you might have cottoned on to the fact that, if there's one thing personal style bloggers now how to do- it's shop. Shopping wisely, shopping thriftily, shopping ethically- these are all common themes in both magazines and blogs today, so it seemed only nature to pick a few bloggers' brains todiscover some tricks for better shopping. Here's their secrets to that!


Rebecca of This I Wear shares her tip:
My best shopping tip is to make a list and stick to it! In fact, I keep mine in my phone using the app TeuxDeux (my favorite To-Do app) so that it's with me whenever I'm out. Having a list keeps focused me on items that will actually make getting dressed easier, help me move my style towards my ideal, and make the right purchasing decisions when I'm in the "heat" of the shopping moment. It also helps me prioritize investments in my wardrobe, so that I can slowly and thoughtfully add new items rather than buying everything at once. From a budgeting perspective, slow also means I can really invest in a few quality pieces. I usually add new items to my list when I'm actually in my closet and find myself repeatedly saying, "if only I had _____". Once I've heard myself say the same thing a few times, it goes right onto the list!

The number one tip I wish I knew when I started developing my style back in college is to tackle down your basics. Sure, that intricate dress looks absolutely amazing, but it won't do you much good if you have absolutely nothing to wear it with! And there's nothing worse then seeing an expensive item hang all lonely-like in your closet for months and months. When I shop I make sure that 90% of what I buy will go with at least three things in my closet. Or that I don't have five duplicates of it already (hello stripe addiction). If I can't imagine what it will match with within my closet, I put it back on the rack. Because if I can't conjure up an outfit in my mind at that moment, it probably means it's just an impulse buy and I want it just to want it. If you want a guide on what basics every girl should already have in your closet, I'd definitely check out Kristian's tutorials! They're brilliant :)

Thanks Marlen. For anyone interested here are: 20 Basics Everyone Woman Should Own, How to Wear a Skirt and 10 Ways to Beat the Wardrobe Blues. 

Katherine from Of Corgis and Cocktails writes: 
Sign, boutique, local shoppng, of corgies and cocktails grew up about 1 mile away from a pretty large mall in Cincinnati, Ohio. Trying to get near the highway during Christmas required either a lot of patience, or driving a few miles out of the way to get on at a different entrance. Which is my tip number one - avoid malls and their highway exits at Christmas. Shopping online keeps you away from the crazed hassle of a mall during the holidays. Speaking of online shopping, I watch for Anthropologie sales like it's my job. I read Effortless Anthropologie to see her sale guesses and bookmark items and watch until they go on sale. I rarely buy anything there for full price. I get a lot of my dresses there. I'm also a big fan of trying to find local shops when I travel. I get most of my jewelry, accessories, random knick knacks, and some clothing on trips at places like this. Little boutiques are my favorite gems. They can have really different pieces and they will be thing you will find no where else. Some of my favorite include:
- Enchanted Boutique in Celebration, Florida 
-Trohv in Baltimore, Maryland
-Kismet, Cincinnati, Ohio


  1. I totally agree with Marlen (I just love her style btw) but I think everyone should have the basics and then you can start adding on special items to make your look unique.

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    1. I agree too- though the list of "basic," for me, is an ever growing one!

  2. good tips. It seems to me like I try to get all the basics, but there are so many variations and I'm always searching for the better one :).

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  3. I liked the tip of putting things down in a list! Especially after you find yourself saying "I really wish I had ____" because that really means you need it, and not just want it for fun. Awesome post as usual :)

    xo marlen
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