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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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Letters to Judy Blume Ever read those advice columns in newspapers? That is sort of this book. Kids write to Judy Blume, author of many children's classics which address complicated issues of growing up; they share their fears, problems and worries with her. She shares back, telling them how to handle things, or who to get to help.

The Art of the Personal Letter- This book goes over advice to make your personal correspondence more engaging and thoughtful.

For the Love of Letters- Using letters from real life correspondence in history, this book takes you through what makes a good letter for every occasion.

 Can Any Mother Help Me? This book is a compilation of letters written as part of the Cooperative Correspondence Club, a private magazine designed to help women in rural Australia connect with others.

Kind Regard: The Lost Art of Letter Writing- Here's a volume with somet of everything from the history of writing to examples of different letters to advice on what to write.

Letters of Note: Correspondence deserving a wider audience- Collected here are letters from a wide and varied background. The only common theme is that these letters are "deserving" to be read. Edited by Shaun White, the curator of the blog Letters of Note, this book is sure to be a must-read.

Dear Old Love- a volume filled with old love letters- from crushes, sweethearts, husbands and the ones who got away. In turns poignant and hilarious, there will be a love letter for your every mood.

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