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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

graphic T-shirt, rose print, floral, skirt, hell bunny, popbasic, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,
rose, floral, skirt, graphic t-shirt, hell bunny, popbasic, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,

What I Wore: Skirt (Hell Bunny), Shoes (Old Navy), Shirt (Old Navy), Necklace (Popbasic; Similar Here)

I thought I'd shunned- or perhaps out-grown- all graphic tees after graduating college (now some five years ago!), but here I am again. Maybe it's a fad, maybe it's too young (The Boy certainly did not understand this tee's appeal, calling it "distracting"), but... J'adore this shirt. And yeah, graphic tees being a fad may be debatable but there's no such a debate about slapping on foreign phrases on shirts- that's a fad for sure. 

Of course, graphic tees can't exactly be worn to work, and they say something (quite literally) about you. I mean, you can look at a person's shirt and know something about them. Do they like Mickey Mouse, a hot new band, or Harley Davidson? Do they belong to the boy scouts, a church group, and environmental activist group? Certainly, that's what you'd know about my college self based on my shirts- But in this case knowing that I love love doesn't seem to like it would be too much a stain on any first impression I might make, and the minimalist look appealed.  The marriage of high/low felt edgy and fresh- after all a T-shirt with a full skirt and red lipstick doesn't get much more high/low. So- where do you stand on graphics on clothes? Pros? Cons? I'd love to hear you weigh in. 


  1. Is it awful that I really want to steal this outfit from you? :) Love love love it Kristian. I definitely rock the graphic tee/sweatshirt every now and again. My Come Together Beatles one will forever hold a place in my heart.

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  2. The t-shirt and skirt combo will always hold a special place in my heart- probs from growing up during the height of grunge :) This is a classy spin on it and I love it! You're so right about being able to tell a lot about a person by their t-shirt- I probably have made too snappy of judgements based on that in the past...

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  3. so cute!


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  4. I love this casual/fancy combo! I always really adore when girls wear band tees and stuff with cute skirts or over dresses, so I think this is something I need to try out myself. I've done the sweater/sweatshirt layering over dresses thing though, which I like a lot.

    xox Sammi

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  5. Best skirt ever <333

    - Anna


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  6. So cute. I absolutely love this.

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  7. I love the feel of t's with fuller or more fancy skirts. I think it can give something girly a bit of edge especially when donning a band t. I personally like the contrast and it gives me a reason to actually get some wear out of my t's.

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  8. I'm not much of a t-shirt person (any seperates I have are statement sweaters or blouses) but I think if one has enough of a punch you should go for it!

    I really like this outfit, particularly the knotted shirt with the floral skirt. It's very parisian. :D



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  9. This outfit is adorable! I have a ton of tees in my wardrobe that get underutilized (I'm out of college and now grad school as well!) so I'm always on the lookout for new styling ideas! :D

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

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  10. Ha, this IS a weird coincidence that we both posted about T-shirts! The one in my post was honestly the first time I willingly bought a T-shirt that wasn't for an organization I was part of in years, but I really enjoyed challenging myself and styling it. I absolutely love this one! This is definitely the right way to do a graphic T-shirt in a stylish and classy way. I love it with the skirt!


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  11. This look is sooo different from what you typically wear- it was super fun to see you try something so radically different! The high/low looks are my personal favorites so I'm all over this. I also really enjoy how you dressed up the tee with a very glamorous necklace- the contrast is so fun! Just like you I didn't think I was into graphic tees. I personally don't own any but I think I'd get one like yours and, just like you, dress it up with some skirts :)

    xo marlen
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  12. As usual, you expertly pair unexpected things together.
    I love a good graphic t-shirt, and it sounds nice to wear it with someone other than blue jeans. I'll try it!

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  13. Personally I love graphic tees and don't want to ever give them up. I have quite a collection.

    This outfit is unexpected which I really like.


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