Stationery Wishlist: For the Birds

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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1. Owl Card | 2. Feather Card Holder | 3. Envelope Template | 4. Flamingo Phone Case | 5. Return Address Stamp | 6. Owl Scissors 

1. Owl Card - This card is a Hoot!

2. Feather Card Holder - Store all those bussiness cards in style. After all, birds of a feather... 

3. Envelope Template - Got an artistic side? Create your own envelopes from creative materials when using this envelope template. 

4. Flamingo Phone Case- Think PINK and get a flamingo phone case. 

5. Return Address Stamp- gorgeous return address stamps made my the artesian. 
 6. Owl Scissors - Aren't these the neatest scissors you've ever seen? I'm not sure I'd even cut with them. Just sit and admire the pair of scissors. 


  1. OOOOOOOoooooooo! I love the feather card holder!!!

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  2. The envelope template is awesome! I just started making my own envelopes out of magazines, and this would have been incredibly useful.

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  3. It's cute phone cases like this one that make me wish I had an iPhone! xo

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