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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's that time again- another list of great subscription box options! I'm especially excited for these for their truly unique ideas, and ability to customize to best help their customers. So without further ado...!

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Doesn't diving into a new hobby sound fun? But it takes time, effort and money to figure out what you want to try and get the things you need to do it. This is a box to make it easier. For twenty three dollars a month, they will send you a box with surprise items and information designed to get you started learning a new skill. Past boxes have included juggling kit, china painting and more! They currently ship to anywhere in the United States and Canada (there is a slight shipping fee for Canadian addresses), and the box comes one a month.

 This tasty box is bi-monthly and sets out to deliver gourmet products to your doorstep. Priced at forty five dollars, each box is themed around a different major city, such as Paris, Tokyo or Rio. All items are sourced from local (to the city the box is themed around) producers; you can read up on each producer at their website. All products are USFDA approved; they are just items that are hard to purchase in the states. Getting hungry yet?
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This is a clothing subscription with a twist! Its' forty nine dollars a month for a clothing tote membership, and eighteen for a jewelry tote membership. However, you aren't purchasing a set amount of boxes- or rather totes- to get sent out each month. In each tote you get an item you've picked out from Le Tote's available stock and a few items picked by your "personal stylist." How do they know what you want? When you join up, you are asked to start creating your "closet," a sort of running list of items you might like to have in your closet, which is where they will pick one of items of your choice from, but it also acts an an inspiration board for the stylists. Here's where the twist comes in- you aren't purchasing these items. You're essentially renting them. You can keep the items for as long as you want and then send them back in a prepaid postal bag. If you decide you really do want to keep an item; that's fine too. You simple send back the rest of the items from that tote, and they will charge you for the item you kept. It will then be purchased and yours forever! How often you get a tote depends on you and how long you want to keep the current items you have. You could get several totes a month, or one ever few months.

Now I love the Barkbox subscription service. But it doesn't have an equivalent for my cat loving friends out there- at least, not till know. Pet Box is a monthly subscription that is twenty-nine dollars a box. You tell them about your pet- whether it is a cat or a dog, it's size, its' gender, its name. Then you can choose to be surprised and them curate a box for you based on the provided information, or you can choose yourself. If you choose this option, they will show you items in their stock that are relevant to your pet. All the items are assigned different points. You can get any combination you choose, so long as it adds up to a certain total of points. This is an especially great option if your pet has allergies or (like mine) shouldn't be getting too may extra treats! Even more impressive is that they guarantee you will get a minimum of fifty dollars worth of items when you're paying less than thirty! Plus, they've teamed up with charities to feed a rescue animal for each box sold. Help another pet by helping your pet, right?

I-Ella Lis t Gift Bag
Feeling a little...Luxe? Then getting a gift bag from I-Ella List might be for you. They offer three different choices of gift bags- the Starter, the Soho, and the St. Bartha. Each bag will feature 3 - 5 (or more!) items with 1 - 2 being featured designer pieces along with free products. You can expect items to be a mix of clothing, jewelry and accessories, bags, shoes, and beauty products! Your bag is tailored just for you, which makes this a great choice for a woman of any age. When you sign up, you fill out a comprehensive (but not tedious) style profile that includes sharing sizes, and answering style questions using a mix of text and visual aides.  The Starter, Soho and St. Bartha differ based on the value of the different items in the bag. Because all items are from the current or upcoming fashion season, I-Ella List works directly with the designers. And because they need to have a good idea of the number of products needed, you can required to sign up for a minimum of a three-month subscription. After three months has passed, you get an email each month to see if you want to continue your subscription month to month. I-Ella List Gift bags are not cheap, ranging from fifty-nine to over three hundred dollars a month, depending on the gift bag option you choose. However, since the items are designer, you can almost always getting more bang for your buck. Would you take the dive with this subscription?

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  1. The try the world box sounds fantastic!

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  2. The subscription box is such a foreign concept to me (literally!) I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'd probably do better starting with a cosmetic subscription or crafts (or one of the edible ones like tea or chocolate!). I don't have a pet, and I'd probably want to keep any accessories I'd received... :D

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

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    1. I'll admit to knowing nothing about make-up so I never include them in these lists, but several of my other box posts include ones with food, crafts and books ;)

      They are fun to get every now and then.

  3. I love the idea of the monthly skills box- I may have to spring for that! I'm always wishing I knew how to do things like juggle, or anything that could get me into the circus :) The only subscription box I've had is Nature Box which I'm hooked on!

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