October 2014 in Review

Thursday, October 30, 2014

With Halloween right around the corner, we tried to get into the spirit of things this October. How about you?

Spirited Outfits
Personal style, popbasic,
Striped Shirt  | Black Dress | Mustard Sweater

Spirited Movies
Getting into the holiday spirit of Halloween, we got our laughs with Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein and our fashion sense from Kim Novak in Bell, Book and Candle.

Spirited Mail
Who wouldn't love opening their mail box to this stationary For the Girls? Or what about any of these subscription boxes? Speaking of mail, would you write to a prisoner in the penal system?

Spirited Plans
I shared some ideas of things to do in October, and got into the spirit of the season with this month's Dog-Eared Page, Dracula . I also shared some extra great reads on the internet. But this month has been quiet on the blog, but busy in real life. I attended a local conference on Gifted Education and my classroom has been busy too- with robots, bridge building and more. You all know I don't talk about my job much because it involves others, such as students, whose privacy I value, but know this.  It has been a roller coaster this year, but always fun!

Spirited Finds

As a diabetic, this is the most amazing news to be hearing!

Made me laugh.

Good advice about always being ready; sillier, but fun advice about being Parisian 

Talking While Female

A moving post on overcoming struggles from fellow blogger Taylor of Nothing but Pigeons.

I've been wearing scarves more lately- would you wear this one? 

An inside look at North Korea

 How about a real werewolf story- and other history you've never heard of

Four autumn looks from:  Anna, Marlen, Katie and Hannah.

Is all reading reading good when it comes to kids?


  1. Now those are some Halloween-esque movies I could get on bored with- I just can't do horror movies anymore! Sounds like you've been doing some really interesting things in your classroom, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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  2. I love that second spirited outfit of yours, Kristian! That scarf, though. :) Hmmm.. I'll probably be working on art things, but I'll be sure to go out and get Halloween candy once it's on sale the day after. MUWA HA HA! HALLOWEEN SPIRIT, ADULT STYLE! Taking advantage of those sales.

    PS) Thank you for pointing out the Yellowstone error--oops! I spelt it right on all my little diagrams, thankfully, but I suppose I was having a brain fart in the post. :)

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    1. That's good :) And thank you. And yes, the sales are the much better plan :D

  3. Yay for October! I'm sad to see it go!

    Love the mustard sweater!

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

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  4. I love tha gold tape!!
    this post is full of usefull details :)


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  5. Yeessss, I heard of the diabetes breakthrough! How wonderfully amazing is that?

    The NPR video on woman talk was super fascinating- and I remember when I worked in a corporate office I'd research things like that *so* much because I was very intimidated by all the professionals and felt very young and easy to push around. Another interesting tidbit I became aware of is that woman use the word "sorry" almost like the word "um". We apologize for absolutely everything- and most of the time not even realizing it! I'm always very aware of all these points when talking to someone older/ more professional, and it's a very hard habit to break!

    And awww thank you for sharing my outfit- I'm in some excellent company :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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    1. Oh! I've noticed that "sorry" thing too!

      And, of course, I shared your outfit; it's brilliant :D

  6. Talking While Female- I like it, although I don't agree that it's a biological judgment. If women's words have less value culturally, it's no surprise that the sound of a women's voice isn't trusted.
    Um, diabetes cure?? How exciting! Maybe!

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