Stationery Wishlist: For The Girls

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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1. Dress Shop Note Cards | 2. Front Row Notepad | 3. You Make Life Beautiful Notecard | 4. Marie Antoinette Notecard | 5. Kate Spade Pencil Cases | 6. Gold Washi Tape

1. Dress Shop Note Cards - These cuties are a two-for-one deal! They're both notecards you can send to your best girl friend and paper dolls, complete with stands to keep them upright on your desk. How can you resist the fun of them? 

 2. Front Row Notepad  - I'm always writing notes- or To Do Lists- for myself these days. It would make it a much more pleasureable task with something like this gracing my desk. 

3. You Make Life Beautiful Notecard- A perfect sentiment to send to that perfect-to-you friend.

 4. Marie Antoinette Notecard - Sure, she lost her head and told the starving populace to eat cake (even meaner when you know what type of cake she meant!) but this gorgeous illustration can send us daydreaming even so. 

 5. Kate Spade Pencil Cases - keep your stuff together as you run from place to place with darling pencil cases like these. Chic and useful too. 

 6. Gold Washi Tape- Add a little drama to your everyday with golden tape. Use to secure the flap of a envelope, hang up art work or just keep your office papers straight. 


  1. so cute!

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  2. Ah the marie atoinette one is so gorgeous!
    Im starting pen paling so this is a great post for me!

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