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Monday, October 27, 2014

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I always keep a running list of things I'm looking for when it comes to my closet. It keeps those impulsive purchases down and keeps things feeling cohesive in my closet- at least that's the aim! I shared my list back in July, but as I'm shifting into a new job, and new seasons are coming my list too is changing. Some of that is because I've made a number of purchases that crossed items off my list form July (most notably: patterned pants, a red striped shirt, and a polka dot shirt that will make it's NFD debut soon!); and some items in my closet have done to that that great dustbin in the sky and need replaced! So- here's what's on my radar right now:

1) Black Sweater- I have a short sleeved one and use it all the time, but as the colder months creep up, I know I'd use one with longer sleeves even more. This particular sweater also has a fun 60s mod neckline and oversized fit, which adds some variety rather than redundancy to the closet.

2) Grey Shirt- I've worn my grey shirt into the ground. Holes and unravelling hems was all that was left. But it was such a great layering piece, a replacement is in order. Something fitted, without too low a neckline, is just what the wardrobe-doctor ordered.

3) Mulberry Sweater- I'll admit, this choice was obviously influenced by the color. Most of my list is getting or replacing basics, but you need those pieces that will pop too.  A deep wine color fits that bill! Since it has the deeper colors I associate with earth tones,  it will mix well with items already in my closet. Plus, it would work well with my blonde hair dye but also with darker shades should I go back to my natural hair, and the color will be festive for winter holidays without being too on-the-nose.

4) Fedora- Okay- arguably the least versatile item on the list right now because, while I love hats, I don't wear them all the time. Between the Wyoming Wind and working to dress professionally, it just isn't always in the cards. But how perfect would this be for a weekend adventure? And black does with everything.

5) Ankle Boot- I live in my flats, but- and not to get all Game of Thrones on you- winter is coming. I need more coverage. Most boots though, swallow half your leg. These combine practicality and fashion. My favorite detail is the black leather paired with a brown sole and heel.

6) Skirts- I'm drifting away from skirts because I move around so much during the day, from sitting on the floor to jumping around to the typical small, tiny seats of a classroom. But- a midi skirt makes all of those movements possible too, and the dark green colors are very flattering. Which do you like more- the plaid or the shimmery emerald one?

7) Brown Cardigan- This is another item on the list because I used to own one, but, after an unfortunate dryer event where the whole thing got ripped to shreds, it needed replaced. Slouchy brown cardigans go with everything and are the perfect layer to throw on when cold.

8) Work Pants- Remember the whole moving-so-much-at-work thing? Well, then, the whys behind this list item needs no further explanation. I loved my patterned pants so much, these two choices both have a similar silhouette. Not sure if brown or gray would be more useful. They are't  the most exciting colors but the cut on both pairs give a sophisticated yet approachable vibe and adds some variety to the rotation of black trousers.


  1. OMG! Yes to all of these! I love these picks!

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  2. Really love all of your choices here - especially those ankle boots and mulberry top. This does seem like a smart way to keep impulse shopping down. :-)

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  3. Beautiful pieces! I love the timeless feel :)

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  4. Ankle boots are the best! I even wear mine a lot in the summer, and I love the couple extra inches of height :) This is a great way to keep the impulse buys down!

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  5. Oh, what I wouldn't do to get my hands on that plaid skirt - so puuurrty! I'm also looking an universal black hat, I love the one you picked out here.

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  6. That plaid skirt is so beautiful! Very cool that you keep a list like this. Helps keep things in mind. And yes to ankle boots!

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  7. I keep shifting between *wanting* to make a list like this so I remember all the pieces I'm lacking, and being scared to make a list like this because I'll constantly be itching to go shop. The only thing I can think off of the top of my head is that I really *really* need a proper winter coat (with insulation and all). I have my fair share of peacoats but they just don't cut it anymore what with the crazy polar vortex.

    And isn't having to replace key items the worst? I've had so many unfortunate bleaching moments and it makes me want to fall to my knees every time. specially since you usually can't find one *exactly* the same as the great one you had before. Laundry problems, I tell ya ;)

    And you should totally get that green Choies skirt!! It's most definitely one of my favrotie pieces in my closet, and I'm super shocked at how versatile it actually is. It goes with everything.

    xo marlen
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