Stationery Wishlist: Paris is Always a Good Idea

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

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1. Stickers | 2. Paris Calendar | 3. Merci Beaucoup Stamp | 4. Paris Journal | 5. Bonjour Card | 6. Phone Case | 7. Envelope | 8. Stamp Set

1. Stickers - These French phrase stickers will make any package seem like it arrived straight from the ChampsChamps D'Elysee.

2. Paris Calendar- This calendar will make it seem like it's always April in Paris!

 3. Merci Beaucoup Stamp- Send your thanks off with a bit of flair with this stamp.

4. Paris Journal - Keep your thoughts, daydreams and travel plans in this journal.

5. Bonjour Card - You won't have to write "wish you were here;" your friends will just know it when you send them this gorgeous card.

6. Phone Case - Won't you love saying "Bonjour!" when you answer this phone? (Actually, the French might typically say "'Allo" when answering the phone. And the Italians say "Pronto" while the Czech say "čau" from the Italian word ciao. That's your language lesson for the day.)
7. Envelope- So you may not really be sending anything "Par Avion," but this nostalgic touch will be sure to bring joy to the person you send it to.

 8. Stamp Set- Personalize any mail you send with stamps- like these Paris themed ones that will have everyone packing their bags for a long holiday in Provence.


  1. everything is just sooo lovely in this post!!! :D

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  2. Ah this is the best theme ever…. cause Paris Duh! I love all the stuff. Im a bit obsessed with the Eiffel Tower so Im loving this set of stationary.

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  3. oh how cute! i love stationary and Paris themed is even better!

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  4. I know I say this about ALL your series, but this is one of my favorite posts that you do! You find THE sweetest items, and it instantly makes me want to whip out my credit card and get all of your suggestions haha. They're just too darling. I especially love the stickers, so pretty :)

    xo marlen
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    1. I loved getting all your comments, but this really make my day to hear you say that about some of my series!


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