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Thursday, January 15, 2015

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What I Wore: Shirt (Similar Here), Skirt (Hell Bunny), Shoes (Old Navy), Bracelet (c/o Popbasic)

This is what I wore for a day of taking in art. Somehow, you want to look beautiful to look at beautiful things and this skirt definitely helps me feel that way.

Visiting the Getty Art Museum is really unlike visiting any other museum I've ever been at before. First of all, you can pretty much only access the museum by riding up on their tram. As you crawl up the side of the cliff, a pleasant voice tells you all about what the Getty Museum does, what it's missions are (the array of what they do is indeed very impressive) and as you exit the clean, white tram you are greeted with the clean, white lines of the buildings that make up the Getty Museum, and you read that right. Buildings, as in multiple. Something that struck me about southern California is that, with their near constant perfect weather, so many of their buildings are open air. They don't have malls, they have gallerias, and so too, they do not have a colossal museum housing art, but many smaller (but honestly still quite large) buildings. They are very modern in their style too with many balconies, walkways, plazas, and gardens all around- and, from every edge you get a clear view of Los Angeles sprawling out to the ocean below. It is breath-taking, and more than that, the very isolation of the museum means you are completed emerged into this world of art in a way no other museum I think could possibly do (yes, not even the Louvre). You can see The Boy and I with the city behind us.

art, Los Angeles, travel, vacation, This world of art is all free too, which is beyond amazing to me, considering what it is and what the museum does. Even the audio tours we used were free. As for the art itself, for the most part, there's a focus on European Art, spanning from medieval times to the early nineteenth century and then, of course, they have photography (Getty Images, anyone?). There are a few big names- we saw several Monets, and Degas as well as Van Gogh's Irises as pictured below, but the lack of famous paintings does not mean it lacks for quality by any means. As you can see I had many favorites. One exhibit I was especially interested to see was Ruben's tapestries, which were gorgeous but also fascinating to find out about the process with which they were created.  In addition to all the art on display the museum also partakes in a lot of restoration, and conservation of art; in archival and a library and in publications about art. They also have extensive learning opportunities both at the museum and online. Whether you live in the area or not, consider looking into finding out more about the Getty Museum!

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  1. I love going to museums! I've never been to the Getty, but I want to go :)

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    1. You definitely should, if you can :)

  2. That skirt looks familiar! ;) I'm glad you enjoyed the Getty and got to visit while you were here, it's a beautiful place :).

    xo, Serli

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    1. Ha! Yes, this is what I wore when I met you :)

  3. Superb skirt. Art museums are wonderful.

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  4. I'm so jealous! I need to go to more Museums but there are no good ones here in Austin. You would think there would be cause this town is super artsy. I'll have to travel to Houston or Dallas to see some good stuff. I adore this skirt and love that you paired floral with stripes!

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  5. This is one of my favourite places to visit in California. I guess it might be too early for the roses to be in bloom in the gardens...or maybe not? We often saw people taking their wedding photos there.

    Did you get to the Getty Villa? That is stunning.

    Your outfit is so chic.


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  6. My husband just spend a week out there and said it was a dream. Getty museum seems ideal and incredibly lovely. I'm fortunate enough to have Philly, Washington, and NYC within a couple hours distant from me - so we try and get to the museums in the summertime when we can, but Getty sounds so much more intriguing to me. Hopefully one of these days I'll get there....

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  7. I need to make it there on one of our Cali visits- I've never been, and can't believe it's free! You wore such a perfect, chic look for the museum. It's so funny seeing your pics from visiting LA about the same time because it was warm for you and so cold for me :) Oh and to answer your question on my blog, unfortunately we couldn't make a FT meet up happen- hopefully next time!

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  8. I love art so very much. There are only a couple of places where I love to look at pieces and they are mostly local artists. I would love to visit a place like this where there are so many different styles-how inspiring! I think you looked just as pretty as a painting yourself. That skirt is my favorite of yours :) and how lovely it looks with the stripes!

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  9. The fact that all the aspects of that museum were free amazes me. Some of the private museums in New York City cost so much that it's hard to justify taking more trips to see their exhibits.

    Glad you had such a great time though and you're rocking the pattern mixing here flawlessly. :)

    Oh! And I'm heading to Utah for the Sundance festival to shoot for one of our brands - so pumped and definitely good to know to still pack just as warm! Thanks for all the tips! :)

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  10. Wonderful mix in prints! I always love that skirt when you wear it <3

    - Anna


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  11. I was just at the Getty a few weeks ago! :) So glad you enjoyed your stay here in Los Angeles, and your outfit is fabulous — a work of art in itself!

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  12. Oh, that's where Getty images come from??
    I love open architecture :)
    It's always fun to see you wearing these wonderful outfits while exploring beautiful places

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