What I Wore: A New Old Look

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

eShakti, black sweater, christmas, california, LA,
eShakti, black sweater, christmas, california, LA,
What I Wore: Dress (c/o eShakti; Similar Here), Sweater (Vera Moda), Shoes (Old Navy)

New Year; New Look- or, well New Old Look, I suppose. After my roots grew out crazy long before I could make time to see go to the salon, I said good-bye to being a bottle blonde. Too. Much. Work. Ain't nobody got time for that! And maybe it isn't as drastic as it feels (everyone says it looks like my regular hair color), being a brunette feels grand. Plus, it was the perfect way to start the holiday!

For anyone who doesn't know, The Boy and I had a Christmas in the Sand while visiting my sister in Los Angeles! While you can check out my Instagram account to see what was happening (or the hashtag #calichristmas), I'll be sharing bits and pieces of our sunny holiday adventure over the next week or two as well. On the actual holiday, we stuck our feet in the Pacific at Venice Beach and saw a movie (is it just me, or are they a lot more Serious-with-a-capital-S about movies in Hollywood? We had assigned seating and everything). We dined in a trendy restaurant, and even did karaoke in Korea-town.

Strangely it was cooler than L.A.'s usually perfect weather while we were there, but since it was in the sixties in California and below zero back home, I was over the moon to be able to wear all sorts of things I probably won't be able to again for months! First among them? This dress. It was actually what I wore to fly in. My mother swears by traveling in dresses; says they're more comfy. What do you think? I'm not so sure, but it kept the bulk of my carry-ons down and theoretically the dress less wrinkled. Since layering is always a must when traveling I did throw on this black sweater. Both in the Golden State and in chilly Cody, I've been loving this sweater to death. It just goes with everything! The funny part was, while we raved about the gorgeous weather and marveled about the novelty of being outside without being bundled like a polar bear, all the Californians we met spoke longingly of the snow. The grass is always green I suppose!


  1. I love this look Kristian, the pink skirt (dress) suits so you perfectly, as does your fresh brunette locks! Can't wait to see more from cali, hope you're having an awesome 2015 so far!
    xo Hannah

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  2. I swear by dresses for flying too! They are comfortable but you still feel like you got dressed for traveling- which also helps if you are hitting the town as soon as you arrive. I can't wait to see more of your Cali pics! It was in the 50s when we were there and we were freezing, but I'm sure it was a nice bit of heat for you :) I love seeing dresses layered for winter and this is a great combo that looks comfy but super chic!

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  3. Dying your hair does seem like it'd be something difficult to keep up! The most I've done to my hair is um, haircuts. AND THOSE ARE ROUGH TO KEEP UP WITH, TOO. Which is why I have my mom trim it when necessary. Haha. I like your hair this way, though. It's definitely a good way to start the new year! Your cotton candy pink skirt is just puuuuurfect!

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  4. This outfit looks at the same time really elegant and chic, but also effortless and relaxed. I love flowy skirts with cozy sweaters!

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  5. Simple and perfect <3 The pale pink dress is wonderful! I love your hair, too!

    - Anna


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  6. Ha! Those Californians would hate the snow after the first day...or trying to drive in it. It is true that we are always dreaming about what we don't have.

    Your hair looks great. I agree...my hair maintenance is a huge pain in the butt.

    That shade of pink is delightful.

    I'm so jealous you managed to escape the cold for a while.


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  7. Haha, that's what I said when I decided to stop dying my hair brown - too much work! My blonde roots looked grey against the brown dyed hair, clearly not something I wanted :S You look beautiful with this dark do though, I find your eyes just POP!

    Happy New Year, lady!

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  8. you look beautiful girl! Happy New Year :)

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