What I Wore: Three Bloggers Walk Into...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

jeans, striped shirt, plaid scarf, popbasic, bloggers
plaid, stripes, popbasic, bloggers,
bloggers, popbasic, jeans,
What I Wore: Shirt (Popbasic; Similar Here), Jeans (American Eagle), Boots (Crown Vintage), Belt (Similar Here), Scarf (Target), Bracelet (c/o Popbasic)

You know by now, if you've been reading NFD for, like, even a minute, that I've really been drawn to more classic and simple styles in my personal wardrobe over the past year, and that is definitely what this outfit is (and what I love about it). But it is not a style for everyone nor should it be, necessarily. Many of the wonderful bloggers I have enjoyed reading and getting to know over the years have very different styles-often more fancy styles. Many of the these same bloggers also happen to live in the Los Angeles area.

That's right. I got to meet them (Hooray!) in this outfit (Um...Not so Hooray?Also this was all covered by a sweater because it was cold making it even less hoorayish). Here I was, actually a bit nervous about it-the outfit, I mean. Would this outfit be not just blog-worthy, but blogger-worthy, especially since LA in general has a lot of beautiful people with happening style? But I needn't have worried. The bloggers I met were as gracious and sweet in real life as online. Plus, it turns out that "Being Yourself" is the best accessory, just like your mama told you. Funny, how she really is always right, huh?

Ashley of Southern California Belle invited The Boy, my sister and I along on an outing with some vintage-loving ladies, where we met not only her and her cute and incredibly well-behaved daughter, but also another blogger, who just started up her blog Le Soilel Chic this summer. Another day, The Boy and I caught up with Erica of Sweets and Hearts. Elana of Room 334 was originally going to join us too, but a work emergency changed some plans; next time Elana! Let me just say, Erica is even sweeter than the name of her blog implies. We were laughing and sharing stories in the manner of friends who have known each other for a while which- when you think about it- we have! Ashley, Erica, Elana, and myself were all original members of Flock Together! Just like when meeting Hannah, it was such an interesting experience because it is someone you know, but at the same time you're like Toto pulling back the curtain to see another side of this person.

Plus, I may have also worn this while perusing a local flea market and then taking in the shops at the galleria. What can I say? How can you resist (window) shopping ;)


  1. I always put pressure on myself when dressing for occasions and end up being the happiest when I just was myself! It's hard when you're on vacation and meeting new (or for the first time!) people to not feel that pressure! You look super stylish and very you. Sounds like such a fun time meeting up with them!

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  2. Ahh you are too sweet! I'm glad Bianca was kind of well behaved that day ;). I think you looked fabulous! It was so fun getting to meet you in person. It's funny because you feel like you know someone when you follow their life (and borrow their clothes) but have never seen their face. I hope we get to meet again, I had so much fun with you, your husband and your sister!

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  3. This is such a cool outfit. It's great if we can all have our individual styles and respect/inspire each-other with our different ways :)

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  4. "Classic and simple" is good. Style is personal expression and we all get to choose what appeals to us. Love your blog, btw!

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  5. That sounds like such fun! It's crazy to think of the doors opened and people met via blogging, eh! And I'm totally digging your simply chic looks lately - I feel as I get older I'm becoming less fussy. Love the plaid scarf with the striped shirt, wonderful coupling!

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  6. Blogger meet-ups are always the best. I'm delighted you got to meet so many in one trip.

    I love the plaid with the stripes. You have a very French chic style.

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  7. Love stripes and plaid <3 Beautiful casual look!

    - Anna


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  8. I had such a wonderful time meeting you! You're so easy to talk to. And you really can't go wrong with Umami Burger. I hope we can meet again in the future! Glad you had a good time in California. <3

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  9. Love the pattern mixing in this outfit! The sleeves on your shirt are so cute.

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  10. Ahhh I'm so jealous that you got to meet so many of them! Every time I meet a blogger I'm always a titch nervous, too. It's one thing getting to talk to them through emails and comments, it's a complete other to have to be interesting and charming for a few hours. It's like meeting up a date, haha! It sounds like it went effortlessly though. And I quite liked your outfit to boot ;)

    xo marlen
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  11. So happy you got to meet more blog friends! What a cool thing to do.
    The sunglasses make this outfit complete- at least to me, looks very LA

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