3rd Blog Anniversary!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

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Another year of blogging come and gone! How did that happen so fast? Some days I feel like my style is changing a lot, but when I went back to pick favorites from each month, the same pieces kept cropping up. If I like it, it is in high rotation! I guess that style is more defined than I knew. 

Looking beyond outfits, this has been a pretty strange year, as I took on a new job, and also went back to school to get my Gifted and Talented Education Endorsement. Naturally, other things had to take a backseat while focus was elsewhere. However, balance is everything, and this year will bring changes to Never Fully Dressed that will make it a more engaging and meaningful for readers such as yourself. Below is a survey for you fill out to help with this; thank you for your time and thoughts on the matter! 

I'm also hoping to redesign my layout. I've had the same basic look for all three years of NFD's existence! I actually have a pretty specific idea in mind for what I want, but have had no time to make it myself. If you have gone through a blog redesign, please feel free to share your stories, tips, designers you collaborated with, and advice. I definitely appreciate your help!

I'll be taking a week's break to plan, and reflect, so your help is very appreciated. Until then! 

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  1. Happy blogoversary Kristian! I hope you continue to share your lovely outfits with us as you did in the past years. I really like the outfits of May and January that you shared above! Does seem like you had something with stripes this past year, haha! Good luck with your re-design too. I've overhauled my blog a million times and Google was always my best friend when doing so. xo

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    1. Thank you Nikki.

      And yes, I will do the outfit posts, no matter what, so they didn't make the survey lists :)

  2. Holy sh*t, bro! Congrats! :DDD I like all of your outfits (obviously), but August - September really stands out. Great picks. Makes me want to wear stripes right now. Haha. <3 I look forward to another wonderful year of your style!

    p.s. - I took the survey, too! ^_^

    - Anna


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  3. I took the survey the other day and totally forgot to comment and say Happy Anniversary! :)

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  4. Congrats! November is so, so lovely! I can't wait to see what you have planned for this year. The survey was a great idea. As for redesign, I've done it once last year just around my blogversary. I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted so I picked the basic layout I wanted from wordpress and did the rest myself (mostly on Polyvore and Photoshop). My only tip is to do something that you love coming back to. If it feels too "not you" then maybe have a rethink.

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  5. Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to see what changes and updates you make to NFD! :D

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  6. Happy blogiversary! Always a fan of your classic/chic outfits. Definitely interested to see what changes you have in store :-)

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  7. Congratulations for the successful 3 years of blogging Kristian! Wish you many more successful Anniversaries in future.

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  8. Yay, congrats on three years, lady!

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  9. Congrats on the anniversary. I look forward to seeing what you do to the blog! I had a big blogging break recently but now I'm back again and I missed reading your posts and all the different things you write about. :)

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  10. check out the blog templates from Envye....I implemented one on my blog this past year and love it so much! Her site has a ton of good how to advice on blogging as well. Great job on the blogging, I'll fill out the survey next xoxox

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