Cinema Style: Daddy Long Legs

Monday, February 23, 2015

Daddy Long Legs is mostly an excuse to watch Leslie Caron and Fred Astaire dance, but, buried within that, is a cute little story in which a millionaire becomes the anonymous benefactor of a charming French orphan. The two fall in love and between the opening and the rolling of the credits there are spunky roommates, witty banter, and  trunks of beautiful clothes. What girl wouldn't love that?
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Shirt, Belt, Shoes, Pants

Leslie Caron's character Julie certainly appreciates the opportunities she's been given- and the clothes. After all, why shouldn't she? She has been unused to having a choice in the wardrobe department! Of course, when we first meet her, her orphanage has recently received a large donation of gingham. That means everything- the sheets, the curtains, the clothes- are blue and white gingham. While too much of a good thing can make one cringe, I do still love her charming and simple outfit. What is best of all is a blue gingham shirt with grey slacks and pants is still as stylish today as when Caron donned them.

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The musical is filled with plenty of dresses and full skirts- all the better to dance in, of course! But the costume that was put on all the promotional materials and opening credits is another simple one that fit Caron's timeless style. A striped shirt with black cigarette pants are enlivened with a blue sash and pointe shoes for a dream sequence where the two dancers perform ballet among the clouds. This is style that is easy to recreate in your own wardrobe as well- just add more practical (but still ballet inspired) shoes on, and you're ready to go!

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Striped Shirt, Earrings, Shoes, Sash, Pants


  1. This is getting added to my list of must watch movies. ASAP.

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  2. What a cute outfit and I need to see this movie!

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  3. Both looks are so chic! I really need to watch this movie :)

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  4. love that last ensemble!! nice movie inspiration!

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  5. I've seen that movie on Netflix *so* many times and never clicked on it because the title creeped me out, haha! I'm glad to hear it's actually rather sweet- and her striped shirt ensemble is lovely. Man, did they rock cigarette pants then or what?

    xo marlen
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  6. Never seen this musical *bookmarks it for later*. Even though I don't like musicals that much (the last adaptation of Les MIserables made me cringe), I love a good old times classic! ^_^

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    1. I like older musicals more than the newer ones too :)


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