February 2015 in Review

Friday, February 27, 2015

Lovely Clothing
Feb Collage
Lovely Plans
February is always such a strange month; it can feel eonian, yet Never Fully Dressed seems to have little to show for it- probably because all my energy has been focussed on my classroom. But that doesn't mean things weren't afoot in blogland!

This month marked the 3rd year I've been blogging! In addition to looking back, I asked readers to help me look forward by filling out a survey. If you haven't done so, please go here. Then NFD took a week off, where I mostly worked on my graduate classes, but we did end the week with a Valentine's trip out of town. To help everyone get into a Valentine mood, I shared a romantic excerpt form a girlhood favorite for this month's Dog Eared Page, dreamed of  this stylish romance movie's looks, talked about things to do in February, and looked at fun Valentines.  We also celebrated President's Day with the classic film Young Mr. Lincoln.

Lovely Finds

Are you dying to read To Kill a Mockingbird sequel Go, Set a Watchman

These fun illustrations will tell you how to get the style you want!

If Stanley Tucci were your boyfriend

How Wednesday Addams would react to cat-calling

Marlen always has the coolest outfits. Evidence A: this outfit's perfection

You can now get temporary tattoos of your instagrams. You're welcome.

Your name might affect more than you know

I've been  obsessing over this new-to-me blog all month.

As a former TEFL teacher, I get nerdy about grammar.

Katie and Carrie both nail winter style, don't you agree?


  1. You always seem to find THE best links- I've gotten sucked into a 20 minute viewing frenzy with these "Adult Wednesday Addams" videos, haha! And aww, thanks so much for including me :) Also, I'm definitely going to check out that name article- I'm very curious how the weird spelling of mine has affected me ;)

    xo marlen
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  2. I have got to check out these links... I'm really intertested in How Wednesday Addams would react to cat-calling... ha ha! I'm all about your rockin' little jean outfit! It so different and I love it on you.

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  3. Happy third year of blogging! My blog-child-thing is 3 years old too! Time flies!
    Thanks a bunch for sharing these awesome links, I only need to order some pizza now and my day will be complete! :-D

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  4. Lol Wednesday! I didn't watch much Addams family as a kid, but I'm going to watch more of those videos for sure. :)

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